3D Photo Moving Trending Video editing in Alight Motion

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Hello friends welcome back to my Blog, So friends, I am going to learn editing of new trending lord Krishna 3d status video in this blog for all of you. So friends, if you want to learn editing of such 3d status video, then read this blog completely and follow the steps which I tell. 

What We Need For This Video Editing?
So friends, to edit the video, you need alight motion application and some materials. So you will find all the material at the bottom of this blog, and you will find alight motion application on my telegram channel.I have pinned the alight motion application on my telegram channel so that you will not need to search.


Follow these steps for 3D Behind The Object 4K Video Editing.

Step 1 (Select New Project)
 So friends, first of all you have to open your alight motion ko and keep the width 1080 by clicking on the pencil icon and you will get the link icon in the middle and hide it by clicking on it.And after that, keep the hight at 2400 and click on create project.

Step 2 (Add Audio and Image)
Now go to friends plus and select your audio And again go to the plus and select the photo of Lord Radha Krishna. Stretch it and keep it till the end.Then by clicking on this image, go to move and transform and add 1 plus to the middle (14 sec) of the full duration (28 sec) of the image.And then come to the starting point of the image and add 1 plus then slide the image to the left And then go to the last point of the image and swipe to the right side of the image with add a plus.


Step 3 (Add Forest PNG)
 Now friends, you have to select the Forest PNG ko in the same way and you have to go to move and transform and add a plus key.And in this, you have to go to your most starting point and keep the left part of PNG and go to the middle and keep the right part of PNG.Then the last part is to keep the left part of the web PNG.

Step 4 (Add Effect in PNG)
Now friends have to click on PNG and go to effect and go to the colour section and select expose and gamma And expose is to keep 0.20 and gamma to 0.900, After that, after doing the add effect, take the hue shift and match it according to the colour of the image.I was matched at 180°.

Step 5 (Add Starfield Effect)
Now friends, you have to select a rectangle shape in your plus and go to 3 dot and fill the screen.And stretch it to the last and then click on it to go to the effect and go to procedural and select the Starfield (Fly right).
And then you have to play the video again and in the middle of the video go to 14 seconds and click on the rectangle and in effect go to Starfield and add offset me hi 1 plus And then go to the last of the video and put 1 plus and set the offset to “0”.

Step 6 (Add Your Logo)
Then you have to go to the starting point Then you have to go to Plus and go to Image and Video and add your logo.  and set it and then click on it and slide it down and put it above the background image.

Step 7 (Save Your Video)
Now your video has been made, go to share, export and save the video, 
Full Tutorial ⬇️

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