Bachpan Ka Pyaar Status video Editing in KineMaster

Jaane meri jaaneman bachpan Ka Pyaar mera bhul nahi jaana re

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in this blog, so friends, in this blog, I will show you the song “Childhood of Love” which is very much trending right now on the reels of Instagram. I am going to teach you the editing of an amazing video on this remix music

So if you want to edit the video on this music, then definitely read this blog till the end.And follow whatever steps I tell you

And friends, we will edit this video in Kinemaster application, so if you have Kinemaster then you have to open it and if you do not have then you can download it from my telegram

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And friends, to edit this video, you will also need some materials which you will find below.

Step 1 (Select Ratio)
Like for editing videos on trending childhood love music.First of all, friends, you have to open the Kinemaster application and select the ratio of 9:16.

Step 2 (Add First Clip)
Your media will open as soon as you select it, out of which you have to add the first overlay clip.

Step 3 (Add Images)
Now friends, you have to go to the media and select the image of anyone from whose photo you want to make this video.

Step 4 ( Add Music)
Then friends, you have to come to the most starting point and go to the layer and in the media, I will give another video of music, you have to select that video.And extract the sound from this and delete the video


Step 5 (Beat Match)
 Now you have to zoom it and where the cross wave is thick, the beat will remain, then from there you have to go to the scissors by clicking on the image and trim to right of the playhead.

Step 6.a. (Apply Clip Graphics)
Now if you will apply clip graphics in all, then you have to download the animation from Get More by clicking on the starting image.And in animation itself you get 14 no. You have to apply Wala effect.And friends, then leave 2 images and apply this effect. And like this you have to apply this effect leaving 2 images

Step 6.b. (Apply Clip Graphics)
Now you have to apply the effect in the 2 images you have left.So by clicking on it, you have to apply 05 in one of these animations and 06 in the next one, in the same way, we have to apply as many images as we have now.

Step 7 (Add Overlay)
Now you have to go to the most starting point and go to the layer R in the media and after adding a particles effect, turn off its sound and go to blending.And there God is setting it on the screen.Similarly, you have to add a border and complete its duration by doing full screen.

Now friends your video has been made. Go to option in share option and save the video
All Materials Password Is In This Video

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And if you have any questions, you can tell me by messaging me on Instagram

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