How To Create KineMaster Preset Link

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So friends, if you do video editing in alight motion, then you must have known about preset sharing, so that you can add any of your Shake projects to your phone through a link.And you can edit that shake effect in your phone too.So friends, a similar option has also come in Kinemaster, then you will be able to use it, I am going to tell you through this blog.So stay on this blog till the end.

Hello friends, my name is sanjeev and welcome all of you to this blog. 

How to export & Import kinemaster project?

So friends, to share the Kinemaster project, follow the steps I have told below.


So friends, you can share to whomever you want to share your project, but to make this project, we will need the latest version of Kinemaster, which you will find below.

Step 1: 
How To Create KineMaster Preset Link?

Step 1.a. ( Create a Project)
So friends, for the project you want to share, you have to first create a project and after that you have to come back to the home page of Kinemaster.

Step 1.b. ( Export Project)
Now friends, after coming to Kinemaster’s home, you have to click and hold on any project you have just prepared, then you will show your 4 options, the top of it will be the export project, You have to click on it and then OK, after that the file will open, then select a file and export it.Your project will be saved in the same file 

Step 2 ( Share Project)
Now friends, by uploading it to Google Drive or Mediafire, share it with whomever you want to share.


Step 3 (Import Project)
And if you have downloaded a project of Kinemaster, then to add it to Kinemaster, first of all, see that project in which folder they are. After that open Kinemaster.Then there you will get the option of import project, click on it and go to the same folder in which your project is And after going there, click on that project and add it.Your project will be added to Kinemaster

Kinemaster will definitely tell you how you liked these new features by commenting and if you have any questions, you can message in the comments and on Instagram.

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