New Trending Joint Line Wave Text Lyrical Status Editing

Alight motion lyrics status editing, Alight motion lyrics tutorial

Hello and welcome to my blog,So in this blog we are going to learn editing of new trading joint line wave text lyrical states video,Friends, this lyrical status seems very total, so if you also want to make such status with your photo, then read this blog completely.Hope you will learn its editing till the end.

What do you need to make this video?

To make this video you will need alight motion app as well as you can download some material which you will find below.

How To Make This Trending Joint Line Wave Text Lyrical Status Video in Alight Motion?

So friends, I have given some steps below for how to make this video for you, you just have to follow them.

Step 1 (Import Beat Mark Project)
First you have to import beat mark project in alight motion application, and then add music, If you don’t know how to import beat mark project then you can watch this video.


Step 2 (Add Image)
Now add your image on which image you want to edit the video and then cut this image according to the beat And keep only this 1 image till the last

Step 3 (Apply Shake Effect)
Now go to the shake project that I have given, copy the shake effect of your photo and then go to your project and paste the first image in all the ends.To paste Effect in Alight Motion, click on the image, go to effect and paste it by going to 3 dots.


Step 4 (Make Shadow)
Now you have to select a rectangle and set it at the bottom where you will keep the lyric so that the lyric appears clear And then click on the rectangle and go to the effect and add blur to gaussian blur and make it full.

Step 5 ( Add Lyrics)
Now you have to come again to the Shake project and you will get a group, copy it, layer it and then come to your project and then from where the music is starting paste it from there And then double click on group, then double click on group 3 in it After that 2 lines of text will appear, in both you have to write the same lyrics, And then your back has to come and in the same way you have to add every lyrics

Step 6 (Add Overly)
Now come to the starting point and add an effect and then go to blending and set it on the screen.

Save Your Video 🤠
Now your video is ready, simply you can export the video by going to the share option above and then save

If you have any questions, you can tell me in the comments or by messaging me on Instagram.

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