Khalnayak Attitude Status Editing in KineMaster

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Hello friends, So how are you guys hope you all will be fine. And friends, all of you must also want to make a status video with your photo, which is full of attitude and bad boy dialogue. So friends I have brought for you an Attitude Status Editing Tutorial. In this blog I am going to teach you the editing of a very awesome attitude status video.So if you want to make attitude status from your photo then read this blog till the end.

What do you need to make a video?

So friends, Like this, for video editing, you will need latest version Kinemaster app, which you can download from below and you will also need some materials which I will give below.

How To make Attitude Status video?

So friends, to make this video, you have to understand all the steps given below.And I have to follow the same as told in these steps.

Project File


Step 1 (import Project)
So friends, first of all you have to open kinemaster and import a project, I have told in this article how to import the project.

Step 2 (Add Images)
Adding your own photo to all the beat marks you see after importing the project, which you can select from the media.And after that cut it according to the beat.

Step 3 (a. Apply Effect)
Now friends, now you have to apply the effect in the images, then to apply the effect, you have to click on the first image.And then go to clip graphics and download “overall animation 1” by going to the option of Get more,And in that 9 no effect has to be applied, the same effect is to be applied in all the images except last 5 images.


Step 3 (b. Apply Effect)
Now to apply the effect in the last 4 images we have, click on the first image and go to the clip graphics and download the effect with in animation And in the e images in animation key 32,34 then 32 no. Apply effect.After that apply 33 no in the last 2 images.

Step 4 (a. Add Effect & Overly)
Now from the starting point of the last image, we will go to the layer and then add a shadow effect to the media. After that go again and take a blast video and adjust it.For that, you have to put the blast point, I mean, the part from where the blast takes place is to be placed at the start point of this image.

Step 4 (b. Apply Effect & Overly)
Now from here again go to layer and then overlay and download your “sublimes spark” there and apply its first effect.And again after going to the layer, going to the media, adding the video of Khalnayak and then going to the blending, screen it.

Step 5 ( Add Overly & PNG)
Now you have to add another overlay going from the layer to the starting point and go to the blending screen and keep this overlay till the last image.And the rest part has to be cut. After that go through the layer again and add a border.

Your attitude status video is ready friends.

How did you like the editing of this video, you will definitely tell by commenting and if you have any question then message on Instagram.

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