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Hello dosto to welcome all of you in this blog i am going to give a new love status video editing tutorial to all of you in this blog, So if you want to make love status video for someone or an amazing status video with your own photo.So read this blog carefully And guys this blow. After reading it completely, you will learn to make this type of status video.

Required materials for making video

And friends, to make this video, you will need Kinemaster application and some materials. The friends who will give you at the end of the blog.

KineMaster Latest Version


How To Edit Video?

So friends, to edit this video, you have to complete some steps which I have told below.

Step 1 (Add Images)

So friends, first of all you have to open the Kinemaster application and select the ratio of 9:16, then you have to go to the setting, go to editing and keep the duration of the photo click to 3.7, And after coming back 6 images have to be selected.Now again you have to go to the setting and this time set its timing to 2.1 seconds and select some images.

Step 2 (Add Images in Other Timing)

Now friends, you have to go to the setting again and change the duration of the photo to 1 second, as many as we have selected 2.1 second images and select 1,1 images among them all.


Step 3 (Add Transaction)

Now friends, the duration of the first image is to be reduced from 3.7 to 2.7 and the 6 images we took in the starting In between all of them we have to apply “groovy (beat sync) 01” transaction and keep the duration 1.2 seconds of the transaction.

Step 4 (Add Transaction Again)

Now friends who are our 6 no. Ka is the image, it has to be cut by 14.5 seconds.And then all the images after that will be 1 towards the long duration and then towards the short duration, the plus icon will appear between the images of long and short duration.After that, you will again apply the ‘groovy (beat sync) 01’ transaction and keep the timing 0.6 seconds.

Step 5 (Add Click graphic)

Now friends have as long duration images as you have to apply bomb away (beat sync) 03 click graphic in all of them about 14.5 seconds, After this much work is done, the shake effect of our video will be applied, now we have to apply overlay in it.

Step 6 (Add Particles Effect)

So friends, to apply overlay, you have to go to the layer from your starting point and go to the media and add a heart particle effect.And by going to the split screen, doing full screen and going to the option of blending, set it on the screen.

Step 7 (Add PNG)

Now friends have to go through the layer again and select one of your “love birds” PNG. By doing full screen, you will keep its duration till the last.

Step 8 (Add Border)

Now just have to add a border in it which guys make every video look better. So for this also go through the layer and add that border.

Now friends, your video is ready, just go to share and save it. If you want to watch This Video Editing Tutorial,so you can watch.

Full Tutorial ⬇️

So friends, how did you like this edition, will tell in the comment and if you have any query then message on Instagram.

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