Professional Beat Sync shake effect status video editing in Alight Motion

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Hello friends, I am going to teach you the editing of a professional beat sync shake effect status video in alight motion in this blog.This video is going to be very professional because we are going to use 5 shake effect in this video. So if you also want to make this kind of status video with your photo then read this blog completely.After that you will also be able to edit this kind of beat sync Shake effect Status video with your photo.


What do you need to make this video?

 To make this video, friends need your alight motion application and some materials which you will find below.

How To make a professional beat sync Shake effect Status video in alight motion?

To edit professional beat sync Shake effect Status video, you have to read the below steps carefully and do as I have told

Step 1 (Import Beat Mark Project)
First of all you have to import a beat mark project which I have given below.


And this beat mark will be in XML file so if you don’t know how to import it then you can watch this video

Step 2 (Add Music)
Now friends, you have to go to the plus and add the music to the audio.

Step 3 ( Add First Overly)
Now friends, you have to add an overlay video from the starting point to the very first beat, to add, click on the plus and go to the image and video.

Step 4 (Add PNG)
Now add a 3D Heart PNG on top of this overlay and add it to the effect plus size standard settings.Again go into the effect and take the swing to the standard settings and set its frequency to 0.50Hz and its “angle 1” to (-20°) and “angle 2” to (20°) degree.

Step 5 (Add Moon Effect)
After that add a moon effect on top of this overlay. And go to blending and screen it

Step 6 (Add Images)
Now you have to add as many images as you can beat.

Step 7 (import Shake Project)
After adding all the images you have to apply the shake effect to all the images, So if I want to give a shake project for that, then you will import it.

Step 8 (Apply Shake Effect)
In the first image, copy and paste the effect of the image that will be at the top of the shake project, then your effect will be applied in it.If you want to apply Shake Effect in any such image, then you can copy and paste Shake Effect in that image.

Step 9 (Apply Other Shake Effect)
Now friends, copy the effect of the bottom image of your shake project and paste it in all the short duration images.
And from the bottom which 2 no. The image is to copy its effect in the shake project and paste it in some images with long duration and in the same way you have to copy and paste all the shake effects But if you want to know closely which effect to paste in which image, then you can watch the video.Links are below.

Step 10 (Add Overly)
 Now come to the starting point of the images and apply a particles effect.
And come to the starting point and add a boarder.

Your video will be ready as friends.
And if you have any questions you can message me on Instagram.

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