Shake Effect Status video editing in KineMaster 2021

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Hello friends, in this video I have brought a tutorial for editing a new shake effect status video for you. So if you want to edit a shake effect status video in KineMaster application with your photos then read this blog completely.And by the end of this blog you will be able to learn and edit a shake effect status video with your photo.

So friends, now we learn editing of shake effect status video with the help of kinemaster application. So if you don’t have Kinemaster application then I will give below or you can also download from my telegram.

How to make shake effect status video in KineMaster?
To edit this shake effect status video, you have to follow all these steps given below,

Beat Mark Project


Step 1 (Open App & Select Ratio)
So friends, to make this video, first of all you have to open Kinemaster and select the new project in it.And friends, you will select the new project in the same ratio of 9:16.

Step 2 (Add Images)
After selecting the project, you have to go to media and you have to go to your file in which you have kept the images and from there you have to select your images. After that it has to be done.

Step 3 (Add Music)
Now friends, by going to the option of audio, download the audio I will give you and select it only. then music will be added to your video

Step 4 (Add Beat)
 Now you have to listen to the music and wherever the beat comes, cut the photo so that the photo will change along with the beat.


Step 5. a.(Apply Shake Effect)
When all your images will match the beat, after that we have to apply effect to all of them, then you have to first click on the image you have and go to clip graphics.And download us Modern Collection 6 no. Apply effect.

Step 5.b.(Apply Shake Effect)
After that friends will beat you by doing 2 short durations and 1 long duration.So in short duration images you will have 1 no of call me dj (beat sync). effect to apply And which will be the image of 1 long duration, in that call me dj’s 2 no. effect to apply And in the last 3 images of long duration will be found, So in that you have this 2 no. The same effect has to be applied.

Step 6 (Add Overlay & PNG)
After that friends, you have to come to the starting point and go to the layer and go to the media and add a light effect. And go to Blending and set it on the screen. Again go to the layer and go to media and add a border

Your Video Is Ready To Save.
Now friends will become your video, you can save the video by going to the share.

And if there is any question related to the video editing of this blog, then you can tell by messaging in the comments or on Instagram.

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