Stylish Status Video Editing in CapCut 2021

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Hello guys and welcome to my blog so friends in this blog we are going to learn a very amazing Status Video Editing In Capcut application. So friends, if you also want to learn editing of this type of status video, then this blog is definitely good till the end. of So that you can understand how to make this type of status video.


What is needed to make a video?

So friends, all of you will need some material to edit the video, which I will give you below.And 2 applications will be needed Capcut and any VPN I use Turbo VPN which you will easily find on play store 

and capcut app you can download from my telegram.

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How to make this status video?
So friends follow the steps given below to edit this video.

Step 1 (Connect VPN)
So friends, to edit this video, you have to first connect Turbo VPN or the VPN you use.After that you have to open the capcut application and select a new project

Step 2 (Select Images)
Now friends, you have to go to the photo section and select your images and then add them.After that, you will see the option by formatting below, clicking on it, you have to select the ratio of 9:16, And click on all the images and set it in full screen


Step 3 (Add Music)
Then at the most starting point, you will see the option of add audio, by clicking on it, you have to go to sounds and then from device and add the music I will give.

Step 4 (Add Beats)
Now friends will click on music to add beat and then click on match cut.And after that we will play the music and wherever the beat will come, add the beat to the beat and add the beat and then done

Step 5 (Cut Images According to Beats)
Now friends, all the beats you have to keep the image near all of them, then you will come to the beat and click on the image.and cut it by splitting, then delete the right one Similarly, match the image with all the beats.

Step 6 (Apply 1st Animation)
Now if you want to add animation to all the images then first you click on the image and go to animation then go to combo and in that you have to apply “Distort right” effect.And in the image after that, apply the “Distort left” effect after it, And these two effects have to be applied one by one to all the images before 12 seconds.

Step 7 (Apply 2nd and 3rd beat animation)
Now friends, after this, apply pendulum effect 1 and 2 in 4 images and then 2 images will come after that, then apply “Fall Button left” in the first image of these two and then apply the “fall button right” in the image after

Step 8 (Apply Last 4th Beat Animation)
Now in all the remaining images, you have to apply pan right and pan left effect one by one.

Step 9 (Add PNG)
Now you have to come to the starting point and go to more overlays and add a shadow PNG by adding overlay.And make it full screen and keep it till the last And in the last watermark video will be found, it has to be deleted

Step 10 (Save This Project)
Now friends, you have to save this video by going to the share and again take a new project and select this video.And the last water has to be removed

Step 11 (Select New Project & Apply Effect)
And then you have to apply the effect of vignate cute by clicking on the option with the effect that comes at the most starting point.And apply the “Colour Phosphor” by doing the and effect again.

Your Video Is Ready To Save.
After that friends, your video will be ready, go to share and save it.

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