Trending Reels Music Shake Effect Status Video Editing in KineMaster

Milne Ko Tujhse Duaye karun status editing | reels Trending video editing

So friends, I have brought a tutorial for editing a new status video for all of you,So friends, if you want to make a shake effect status video with your photo, then read this blog carefully and completely.

Hello friends I am Guru Sanjeev and welcome all of you to my blog.And if you want to learn kinemaster video editing and status editing and any kind of whatsapp status editing or Instagram reels Trending video editing then definitely visit my blog

To make status video you need..

So friends, to make this type of status video, you will need Kinemaster application which you can download from below and you will need some materials like Music Effect PNG and Images.So you can download that too from below.

So friends, for this type of shake effect KineMaster status editing, you have to follow these steps, after that your video editing will be complete.

Step 1 (Open App And Select Ratio)
So friends, first of all you have to open Kinemaster Aap.After that you will select the ratio of 9:16.And go to settings and go to editing and file the image size

Step 2 (Add Images & Music)
Now friends We have to add our images in this, then for that you have to go to plus then to media and open the folder in which you have kept the images and you have to select your images,After that it has to be done and then audio has to be added to it, then by clicking on the option with audio, you will go to the folder and open the folder in which your music will be kept,And select the music. 


So if you have music in mp3 format then you can add audio but what I will give will remain in the video file.So you have to go to the layer and add the video to the media and click on extract audio, then its sound will be different.And keep the sound and delete the video.

Step 3 (Beat Matching)
Now friends have to add the beat so that we can easily cut the images with the beat, so guys for that you have to play the audio and will add a bookmark wherever the beat comes. By which we will know that we have to cut the image from this.

Step 4 (Add Clip Graphic)
 To apply the effect, now click on the starting image And go to clip graphics and you have to go to “Sweet lies (beat sync) and apply 12 no click graphic.After that you have to click on the second image and go to Sweet Lies 13 no. apply effect And all the rest of the images have the same 12 no. in all of them. only one has to apply


And friends, you will not find this click graphic in kinemaster, you have to add it from beat sync application, then how to add it, you can see by visiting the post below

Step 5 (Add Overlay)
Now friends will add kinemaster overlay in this, so for that you have to go from layer to layer and add a bubble overlay effect.And after doing full screen, go to Blending and screen it. After that go like this and add the border as well.

Now your video is ready you can save and publish on Instagram,WhatsApp Status , Facebook and any other social media platform.
Full Tutorial ⬇️

So friends, if you have any question related to this editing, then you can tell me by commenting or messaging me on Instagram.

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