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Hello friends welcome all of you to my blog so guys I am going to give you a tutorial on editing a new trending attitude status video in this blog.So if you want to edit a fast photo change attitude status video with your photo then definitely read this blog completely. You are not going to have any problem in making this video friends because how to edit this video? I am going to give you its complete easy tutorial, so that you will understand easily, you just have to follow the steps given below.

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And friends, to edit this video, you will find the link of all the material you will need below, you will download it.And to edit this video, you will need the Kinemaster app, then you can also download it from this post given below.

Follow These Steps.

Step 1 (Select Project)

So friends, to edit this type of trending shake effect status video, you have to first open the Kinemaster application. And select a new project in the ratio of 9:16

Step 2 (Add Images)

Now friends, your media will open, then you will open your folder from there in which you have kept your images, after that you will select some of your images, after that have to be done. 


Step 3 (Add Audio)

Then you have to go to the layer and after that go to media, as soon as you go there you will get a music video, select it After selecting it, you have to click on it and then a side window will open, it will have an option at the bottom Extract audio is to be removed from the video by clicking on the same and delete the video

Step 4 (Beat Matching)

Now you have to cut some images in the starting according to the beat, a long duration beat will come in the middle and you have to cut the image by matching the beat.You have to do the full zoom of beat matching and cut the image from where the wave is thick.And after the long duration image, the wave will become completely thick, the wave will not be known, from that you have to go to the layer and to the media.

Step 5 (Select Images Again)

After this, you have to go to Settings and edit the photo duration to 0.2 seconds and back select your own images again.

Step 6. a.(Apply Clip Graphics)

Now you have to come to the starting point and click on the first image and go to clip graphics and download the clip graphics with “in animation”.And its 33 no. To apply the clip graphics.You have to apply this clip graphics to all the earlier images of long duration.

Step 6. b.(Apply Clip Graphics)

Now you have to apply clip graphics to the long duration image, then by clicking on it, you have to go to clip graphics and you have to download an effect of beat sync “Sixteen”. And 4 of this. The clip graphics have to be applied.And if you do not know how to download clip graphics then you can watch this video by clicking on this link.

Step 6. c.(Apply Clip Graphics)

Now you have to apply the effect to all the images of 0.2 seconds So by clicking on the image image, the clip will go to the graphics and from there you have to download the “sweet liye” beat sync wall effect And 4 no of that. The clip graphics have to be applied in all

Step 7 (Add Overlay)

Now you have to come to the starting point and I will give a video from you, you have to add that video effect by going from layer to media.After that make it full screen and go to blending and set it on the screen And click on it again to mute its sound. Going through the same layer, a border has to be added as well.

Save Your Video ☺️

Now your video has been made, save the video by going to the share option and if you have any question then you can comment.

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