Trending Whatsapp Chat Status Editing Tutorial in KineMaster

Trending Whatsapp status scrolling status editing in KineMaster in hindi | trending Whatsapp status editing

Hello friends welcome all of you to my blog so friends in this blog we are going to teach you that whatsapp chatting status which is very trending right now How can you make that WhatsApp chatting status from your photo?So if you want to edit this type of status video with your photo, then definitely read this blog completely and whatever I will tell you step by step Will follow him.

For video Editing?
So friends, to edit this type of status video, you will need Kinemaster application, which if you do not have it, then you can download it from below. And WhatsApp will also be needed which will be with all the people, if no one has it then you can download it from play store.


Step 1 (Select Ratio)
So friends, first of all, you have to open the Kinemaster application and click on the option of Create New and select a new project in the ratio of 4: 5 After that the media will open, then you have to go to the image section and select a black image.

Step 2 (How To Make Green Screen Clip)
Now friends, you have to make a green screen video which you can make from WhatsApp, for that all you have to do is open WhatsApp and open a family or friend’s chat.After that, by clicking on the 3 dot, go to the wallpaper and change it, which I will give the image of the green screen, set it.which will make the background green,now You have to write whatever you want to write and you will also use 1 and 2 emoji.Which is nice to see.

Step 3 (Write Your Text)
when you write it down When you have written it, after that you have to record the screen and slide the text up slowly.If you do not have screen record then you can download any screen record from google play store

Step 4 (Apply Green Screen)
Now you have to come back to your Kinematar application and select this green screen which we just created from WhatsApp,And cut it a little from the top and rotate it a little from the top to the right and from the bottom to the left like this, After doing this, click on it and enable the Chroma key and remove the green screen.

Step 5 (Select Images)
Now you have to go to the layer from the starting point and go to the media and select 2 images one by one.And by clicking on the image that will be showing you, you have to go to the overall animation and apply blink slow animation.

Step 6 (Apply Particals)
After that, by going to the layer again, I will give a particles effect, add that and go to the blending screen.and set it in full screen, If there is sound in it, then mute it.

Now you have to click on the green screen and bring it to the front by clicking on the 3 dot, which will bring the green screen to the top.

Step 7 (Add Your Music)
After that you can add any music of your choice.
Now friends, your status video is ready, just go to share and save it.

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