New Instagram Reels Trending pendulum effect status video editing (GS09)

Hello friends my self sanjeev and i am a youtube and blogger. I teach you all type of status video editing, if you interested in status video editing tutorial so you can read this article, And friends, in this blog also I have brought a new pendulum effect status video editing for you, so that you can make 1 professional status video with your photos, And friends, I am going to tell you in very easy steps, so that you can make it very easily.
About this video: 
So friends, as you must have come to know by looking at the title and thumbnail that today I am going to teach you the editing of pendulum effect status video in CapCut application but friends, to make this video, you will need the CapCut application, And  some materials which I will give you. And if you don’t have CapCut applications you can download from my telegram. I have pinned it there.
Follow This Steps..

Instagram Reels Trending pendulum effect status video editing (GS09)

STEP 1 (Select New Project)
First of all Friends, you have to open the capcut, so friends, open the capcut application and select 1 new project. By clicking on new project,
STEP 2 (Select Your Photos)
After selecting the new project, friends, you will have to go to the section of photos and from there you have to go to the file in which you have kept the photos and select some of your photos. And then you have to click on add, your photo will be added.
STEP 3 (Select Ratio)
Then friends, on scrolling down the right side, you will get 1 option of format, by clicking on it, you have to make the resolution of your video 9:16 and then come back.
Instagram Reels Trending pendulum effect status video editing (GS09)
STEP 4 (Add Audio) 
Now coming to the most starting point, you will have to add audio by clicking on add music, if you have MP3 music then You have to select your music by selecting the sound option and if you have a video and want to extract its sound, then click on the extracted option. Then after selecting your video and clicking on import sound only, your music will be added.
STEP 5 (Add Beat In Music) 
Now guys will add beat to the music so that we will know from where to change the image and we will be able to edit a professional video guys. So to add beat, you have to click on music and then some option will come, then you have to click on match cut from those. After that the song has to be played and where the beat will come, add the beat then to be done
STEP 6 (Beat Matching) 
Now friends, you have to cut all your images according to the beat, after cutting you have to click on any image and go to the filter option and You will get a filter by doing “white tea” in the food section, select it and apply it all.
Step 7 (Apply Animation)
Now friends will apply the pendulum effect in the images, then guys you have to click on the first image and go to the animation then in the combo And friends, you will get pendulum Effect 1 and pendulum Effect 2 Apply pendulum effect 1 in this first image and pendulum effect 2 in the second image. And in third and fourth image apply again pendulum effect 1 and 2, and use bend zoom effect in 5th image.And friends, Similarly you have to apply the effect to all the images.
STEP 8 (Apply Effect) 
Now friends, in whichever image we have applied the animation with bend zoom, you have to come to the starting point of that image and click on the effect and apply the starburst effect and Keep the image where it ends
STEP 9 (Add Overly)
Now friends, coming to the starting point, you have to click on overly and by adding overlay, you have to go to the section of photos and add 1 border. 
STEP 10 (Save Your Video) 
Now friends, the video will be ready and you have to save your video by going to the share option.
And friends, if you want to see the video of this video, then I have given the video below, you can see.
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 All Materials
All Materials

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