new Instagram Trending Jordan warraich Beat Status video editing

new Instagram Trending Jordan warraich Beat Status video editing :- Hello friends, I have again brought you a full tutorial on Shake Video Editing on Instagram’s new trending music jordanwarraich.This music is trending very much on Instagram, How much these videos are trending, you can just guess from this that 7 lakh 40 thousand reels have been made on this music in 4 to 5 days.And friends, every video is getting millions of views.


So I will say that you also make a video on this jordan warraich music, maybe your video will also go viral. And friends, in this blog of yours, I am going to give a full tutorial of Shake video editing on this music.So read this blog completely and you also edit jordan warraich shake effect video from your photo



new Instagram Trending Jordan warraich Beat Status video editing


What do you need to make a video?

So friends, to edit this video of yours, just your music will be needed and to make this video a little attractive., 1 border and 1 particles effect, whose link I will give below can download easily from there And to edit it, we will need VN Video Editor which will be available on your Google play store.

How To Make jordan warraich music shake effect video?

So friends, now I will tell you how to edit in 4 steps, then you just follow these steps.

Step 1 (Select Ratio)

To friends, first of all, you have to open your vn Video Editor and select a new project by clicking on new project and add some of your images in it. To add an image, you have to select whatever image you want to add by coming to the section with the image, then add it by clicking on the option of add. After that you have to select the ratio of your project, then for that you have to click on the option of original, which you will see above, Then out of that the ratio of 9:16 has to be selected, your project will be converted into the ratio of 9:16.

Step 2 (Add Music and Mark Beat)

Now friends, You have to add music to it and also add beat to it so that we can know from where to change the image, For that you have to click on add music, and select the music I will give, After that, to add beat to it, by clicking on it, we will click on match cut, After clicking, we will play the music and add a bookmark where the beat of the music will come, after adding all the beats to be done.



Step 3 (Apply FX)

Now friends, you have to cut all the images according to the beat and now you have to apply FX in all of them. So friends, So friends, to apply the effect in any image, you have to click on the image, then you have to go to fx and apply fx, so friends in the first 2 images, the jitter up is to be applied and there is no effect in the images for the fast beat in the middle.And in the last 4 images, apply the jitter down effect in those four.

Step 4 (Add Overlay)

Now friends, to make it attractive, You have to add an overlay effect to this, whose link I will give in All Material, Just you have to click on the option of sticker and pip and then go to the video section and add particles effect, After adding the particles effect, set it in full screen, and the extra part that is left has to be cut and removed, After that, by clicking on it, go to the option of blending and set it on the screen. Then friends, you will also have to add a border, which you can add by going to the option of sticker and pip. 
Now friends, our video is ready, just click on export and export it, And if you want to see the acting tutorial of this video then you can watch the video below

Full Tutorial ⬇️



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