Fast photo change KineMaster status video editing 2022

Fast photo change KineMaster status video editing 2022 :- Hello friends welcome everyone to this blog.

So friends, from this blog we are going to teach editing of a new beat sync status video.Which is very nice to watch friends, And friends, we will learn to make it in very easy steps. So even if you do not know how to edit well, still you can easily make the video.

So friends let’s start this blog and I hope that by the end of this blog you will learn to edit this status video.


Fast photo change KineMaster status video editing 2022


So friends, before starting this KineMaster shake Effect status Editing, let me tell you that to edit the video, we will need Kinemaster application and some materials. 
Which you have to download.



Step 1 (Open KineMaster And Select Ratio) 

So guys the first thing to do is to open Kinemaster and select a new project in the ratio of 9:16. After that, you have to scroll down and select the option of “Fill”, so that whatever image we select, it will come in full screen and then we will next.




Step 2 (Edit First Clip)

After selecting the ratio, You have to go to media and go to setting then go to editing and fill the photo display e,With which whatever image we select, it will be filled automatically.And you have to zero the duration of the photo from above. And then come back and open folder and select your images, and then save video by going to share option.

Step 3 (Select New Project)

Now friends again you have to select a new project, After that you have to import the project, in which the beat of this video is marked. And if you do not know how to import Kinemaster’s project, then I have given its link below, you can see.



Step 4 (Select Images)

Now you have to go to media and select your video which we just exported. Now friends, you have to go to the 3 dot option.  And after knowing there, you have to duplicate 3 to 4 of this video, After that you have to keep the speed of this video “0.7” till the first beat. And then let the video from the first beat to the second beat remain normal, in this we will not increase the speed.And then from the second beat you have to go to the media and select your images.

Step 5 (Cut the image according to the Beat)

Now friends, after seeing the beat, and you have to cut and add the images according to the beats. For this, you have to click on the beat, so that you will go to the beat, then you have to click on the image, After that it has to be cut from the right side. Due to which all our images will match with the beat and our video will be absolutely perfect.

Alight motion Perfect Beat Sync Shake Effect Status Video Editing

Step 6 (Apply Clip Graphics)

Now friends, you have to add clip graphics to all the images. So guys, you will Read this step carefully because this step is going to be very important, So guys in the first 2 images we have to apply 03 out of the bomb away (beat sync)If you will not find this effect in Kinemaster, then I will give a video below for how to download it.
And friends, 3 images of 20.6 seconds to 0.3 seconds duration will come, in which we have to apply 14 number effect from in animation.
After that, all the images that are left, have to apply 02 effect of call me DJ (beat sync) and this too will not be found in Kinemaster, then the video of how to download it has been given above.

Step 7 ( Add Overly)

Now friends, You have to add an overlay video, which I have given in all material, you will add it, for that you have to go from the starting point to the layer, Then in media and after that you have to select this overlay video and go to split screen and make it full screen, And go to the option of Blending and Opacity and screen it. Similarly, you have to select a border and set it in full screen.


Your Video Is Ready 😍

Now friends, the video is ready, just share and go and select the video in 720p
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Watch This Video Tutorial ⬇️



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Kinemaster Project
So friends, Let me know by commenting that how did you like this fast photo change shake effect status video editing, and you can DM on Instagram for any question.

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