New Trending Shake Photo Lyrical Status Video Editing in KineMaster

Hello friends how are you guys hope you all will be fine, My name is Sanjeev and welcome all of you to my blog So friends, I am going to tell you the editing of New Shake Photo Lyrical Status Video in KineMaster in this blog.So if you want to edit lyrical status video with shake photo like this with your photo then read this article till the last


KineMaster Latest Version

New Trending Shake Photo Lyrical Status Video Editing in KineMaster

So friends, we will make such a status video with the help of Kinemaster application,So if you don’t have Kinemaster application then you can download KineMaster from below,And friends will need some materials which you will find at the bottom




Follow these steps


Step 1 (Select Images)

First of all, after opening Kinemaster, take a project of 9:16 and select your images.

And by clicking on any one image, you have to go to the adjustment and make the contrast 30 and the saturation 15,And apply to all.



Step 2 (Add Lyrics Video)

Now friends, at the most starting point, go to the media and take a black image layer.And again come to the starting point and go to the layer then media and select a lyrical video.



Step 3 (Beat Matching)

And then where the first black layer is to be kept near the first beat, after that all the images have to be matched with the beat.You can match the beat by listening to the music and if you don’t know then I have given this project you can use it.

  Full Project


Note :

This project will be protected with password, whose password you will find in the video.



Step 4 (Add Shadow)

Now friends, after matching the image with the beat, you will add a shadow PNG above the image and keep the lyrics above this shadow.




Step 5 (Apply Clip Graphics)

After that in the image of all short durations in animation key 23 no. Will apply clip graphics and use 2 effects by syncing the beat in whatever long duration image is 10 no of the Halloween party in the first long duration image. Effect and 2 no of call me dj in the image after. Effect. Similarly apply in all images





Step 6 ( Add Overlay)

Now coming to the most string point, you will have to add a particles effect and screen on the blending and a boarder will have to be added by going layer by layer.


Full Tutorial ⬇️


  All Materials Download

Now your video has been made, just go to the share and save it, and if you have any questions, you can tell in the comment or you can tell by messaging on Instagram. 

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