15 August Independence Day Special Status Editing

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So friends, I have brought you the editing tutorial of a status video for 15 august independence day in this blog, so that you will also be able to create a status video for 15 august with your photo,So if you want to be 15 august independence day status video from your photo then definitely read this blog completely,

Hello friends my name is sanjeev,And welcome all of you to my blog Guru Sanjeev,

KineMaster Latest Version


So friends have to follow the steps given below to edit the video,And for video editing, some materials will be required which you will find below.

First of all you will need the Snapseed application in which we will edit the photo, then first of all you will download Snapseed from Play Store.

Step 1 a.(Add Image In Snapseed)

After that, open it and click on the plus icon and select your image from which you want to edit the video,Your image will appear in Snapseed as soon as you add it.

Step 2 b.(Add Image In Snapseed)

Another way to add the image is that you will share the image from your gallery itself, and the Snapseed will appear in the share, from the same if you share it in Snapseed, then your image will open in Snapseed,


Step 3 ( Edit )

After the image is added, click on the pencil icon and click on double exposure,Then a red image has to be selected, and its opacity has to be made full, After that done, click on edit stag, which will be found on the left of the “i” button, after clicking, click on view edits, then give double exposure and click on bruse, After that, as far as the sky will see v, it has to be removed.

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Step 4 (Edit)

After doing this, after coming back, just like this again by double exposing, take a green image, and remove it only from the top of the cloth, which will turn the colour of the cloth green,After that have to be done and save this image in your gallery,

Step 5 (Open KineMaster)

Now friends have to open Kinemaster and select a new ratio of 4:5,After selecting you have to go to the image section and select a black image,Now you have to cut and go to the media and select the image we made,And will get a video of an Indian flag, cover the green screen with it and send it to 3 dots and then send it back,And by clicking on the image, enable the Chroma key and remove the green screen, And save this video.

Step 6 (Edit in KineMaster)

again you have to take a new project then a black image of 4:5 and now the video we saved that video,and then go from layer to And a png will be found, the fly jet of the Indian Air force has to take it,And we will set it in the red we put above the set and the smoke that will be there will add a mirage wall effect to the colour of the Indian flag.Then bring the video to the front and enable the Chroma key and remove the red colour and save this video,

Step 7 (Edit Again)

Now again a new project has to be selected and the same image has to be selected, then Normal has to select the video made by editing it. And then you have to add music to it, whose video Maine has been given, select the video from the layer, then extract its sound and delete that video.Sound will be added to your video

Step 8 (Add Overlay)

To add the effect of shake it in the place which is the icon between the first image and the video, which is shake in the down,And its timing is to be 1 second And from where the dialogue ends with the song “Ae Watan” you have to change the image and keep the video.

Step 9 ( Add Music)

Now you have to come to the starting point and add a video of a song, then make it full screen and go to blending and set it on the screen.

Step 10 ( Add PNG)

Again add a particles video from the starting point and add an effect from the starting point of the last video And again coming to the starting point, take a shadow aid and send it back and keep it as long as the lyrics are there.Then Friends, you have to add a PNG and set it above in the right, then add a border. 

Now friends, your video has been made ready, you will definitely tell in the comment how the video looks, and if you want to ask something, then message on Instagram. 

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