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4k full screen whatsapp status video editing, here i am going to tell you in this video, because friends when we upload this type of status on whatsapp then it comes in full screen and Its quality does blur at all, due to which the video also looks quite attractive to watch.

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And I am going to tell you the editing of 4k whatsapp status video, it is going to be even more attractive because in this I have used such an effect that your video will look much more attractive,Because whatever image you use, its quality will increase and at the same time whatever colour that image will be, it will also become more vibrant, which will make our video look very beautiful.


What We Need For Editing?
Friends, you need some material to edit this 4k full screen ultra hd status like music photo, particles effect, and alight Motion key shake project and beat mark project, Which is necessary to make this video, and alight Motion application in which we will edit this 4k video.And if you do not have site motion then you can download from my telegram friends,I have given below telegram channel link

How To Make Beat Sync 4k WhatsApp Status?
So friends, it is very easy to do 4k status editing like this, you just have to follow the steps given below, which I have told in a very easy way.Due to which you will not have any problem in understanding, and you will be able to edit 4k full screen status with the help of alight Motion app with your images.

Step 1 (Import Beat Mark Project)
So friends, first of all I have to import the beat mark project that I have given, only after importing it we will be able to edit the video, friends, because I have marked the beat in it.Where the beats are coming, so that you do not have to check the beat And if you are having any problem in adding the beat, then you can watch the video below?

Step 2 (Add Music)
After importing the beat mark in Alight Motion, you have to add music to it, for which you have to go from the starting point to the plus.Then you will get the option of audio, go to it, and I will give one audio, you have to download it from the link of all the materials given below.After that you have to add music.

Step 3 (Add Images)
Now friends, we have to add our images, for that you have to go to plus, and then to image and video and from there you have to select your image and then go to 3 dots and do “fill screen”Due to which our image will be taken in full screen,After that you have to come near the next beat and if the image is next to the beat then cut the usage,And if the beat is less than then the beat has to be stretched till close,After that you have to select and add another image from the same,Add all the images like this.After adding all the images you have to apply this shake effect.

Step 4 (Import Shake Project)
So now friends, if you want to apply shake effect in images, then for that you have to first import shake project,The link of which I have given below, So you have to add that shake project to alight Motion.

Step 5 (Apply Shake Effect)
Now friends will apply shake effect to all the images, so for that you have to open the shake project and copy the shake effect of the first image.To copy, by clicking on the image, go to the effect and click on the 3 dot and do the copy effect. After that you have to open your project and paste it in the first image After that, there will be a saturation and vibrant effect in it, it will be hidden and you have to unhide it.And by clicking on the effect with saturation and vibration, click on the 3 dot and copy the settings of its effect.Then you have to come to the Shake project, and paste it in the three effects left And then copy the effect of the second image and open your project and From the second image, where the bell sound comes, till the first one, paste it in all the images,
Similarly, you have to paste the effect of the shake project 3rd image in the image with the sound of both the bells, and paste the shake effect of the last image in all the images after that

Step 6 (Add Particals)
Now friends have to add a particle, then for that you have to add a video at the beginning, then for that you have to go to plus and in image and media,Then you have to add overlay video with particle effect and make its sound 0, After that you have to click on the 3 dot and make it “fill screen” so that this effect takes place in full screen, then go to blending and go to lighten and set it on the screen.

Now friends, you have to export and save your video.

And if you are having trouble understanding something here you can watch its tutorial.
Full Tutorial ⬇️

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