Attitude shake Effect Whatsapp Status Editing in KineMaster

Shake Effect Status Editing in KineMaster | KineMaster video editing | new status editing 2021

Hello friends welcome all of you to my blog,

So friends in this blog we are going to learn how to do new attitude fast shake effect status video editing in KineMaster, So friends if you also want to edit a new attitude fast shake effect status video with your photo, then definitely read this blog till the end. 


What We Need For Making This Status Video?
Friends, to edit this video, you will need the Kinemaster application, which you can download from my telegram channel.And some materials will be needed which you will find below.

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Step 1 (Import Project)
So friends, first of all you have to import a beat mark project and this beat mark project will be password protected and you will get the password in the video below. And if you do not watch the video so you can also listen to the song add beat by yourself.

Beat Mark Project 🔻

Enter Password :

Step 2 (Add Images)
After that you have to add your images by going to media and cut all the images with beat, To cut the image with the beat, you have to click on the beat, as soon as you click, you will come there, After that you have to click on the image and have to cut off its extra part

Step 3 (Apply Clip Graphics)
After that friends have to apply clip graphics to all the images. There are 4th effect of sweet lies (beat sync) in all the images of short durations in the starting. to use effect
After that the 3rd one will add a fast video to the fast beat.

Step 4 (Make Fast video & Apply)
To make fast video, you have to take a new project in the ratio of 9:16 and then go to settings and edit the duration of the photo to 0, And select some images and export the video

Step 5 (Apply Clip Graphics 2)
Now friends you have to add this fast video And in the images, After that you have to apply 5th effect of dj in this call.

Step 6 ( Apply Clip Graphics 3)
After that friends you will get 10 photos out of which we have to use the 3rd effect of {love again (beat sync)} in the first image. In the image after that After that we have to use 5th and 6th effect of dj in the call. Then Similarly, friends, you have to apply the effect one by one in all the images, If you want to know everything in detail then you can watch the video editing tutorial below.

Step 7 (Add Particals)
Now friends, you have to add a particles effect from the starting point and go to the blending screen and add a border again.

Now friends, your video is ready, you can save the video by clicking on the share icon,And if you do not understand anything, then you can watch the full tutorial of editing in this video.

Full Tutorial ⬇️

And if you have any question, you can message me on Instagram.

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