Baarish Ban Jaana Lofi Beat Song Status Video Editing

Hello guys welcome to my blog guru sanjeev, And guys, In this blog I will teach you a lofi beat song Status Video Editing, From Baarish ban jaana song, So guys if you also want to make status video from this lofi beat song from your photo then you follow all the steps given below one by one, In which I have told how to make this video.

Lofi Beat Song video editing | Alight motion video editing

Step 1 (Alight Motion App)
So Guys you will need alight Motion app to make this video, And guys if you do not have alight motion application then you can go to my telegram channel and download it from there, I have pinned the alight motion application in my telegram channel so that you will not have trouble finding it. 
Alight motion 🔻

Step 2 ( Import Projects)
Now friends, I will give you a shake effect project and a beat mark project to edit this video, you will import it, Below you will find it but to download it you need a password which you will find in the video, I have given the video below. 
Beat and Shake Project 🔻

Enter Password :

Note : And guys if you have any problem in importing beat mark or shake effect project in alight motion then you can check out the below link.

Step 3 (Add Lyrics PNG)
Now friends, you will have to add the image of 3 lyrics in the most starting, which I will give you, you will download it, After that go from starting point to plus and add PNG image of first lyrics in image and video and click on 3 dot will make it full screen, Will keep it till his next beat mark pass, Similarly, you will add the second PNG from the 2nd beat to the 3rd beat and the third PNG from the 3rd to the 4th beat.

Step 4 (Add Your Images)
Now friends, you have to add all your images from the third beat, then for that you have to go to plus, then in image and video and select the image, And then by clicking on the 3 dot, the image has to be screened and after cutting it near the next beat, then select the second image from the same.

Step 5 (Apply Effect 1)
Now friends, you have to apply shake effect in all images, then first of all we will apply effect in PNG of lyrics, So for that you have to come back to the shake project, and click on effect 3 to go to the effect and then copy the effect by clicking on the 3 dot, Then after clicking on the image of the lyrics, go to the effect and paste it, You have to apply in the same way in the other 2 lyrics too. Then by clicking on the 2nd lyrics, you have to go into the strips and change the colour of the strips, in the same way you will change the 3rd one too. 

Step 6 (Apply Effect 2)
Now friends, you have to copy all the effects of Effect 1 in Shake project. After that you have to come back to your project, and after clicking on the first image, go to the effect and paste it, And wherever the beat comes near the first image, you have to paste the same shake effect wherever the beat will come.

Step 7 (Apply Effect 3)
Now friends, the last shake effect that has come to the Shake project is to copy the effects of effect 2, And all the images left, In which we have not applied any effect yet, paste the effect in all those images,

Step 8 (Add Particals Effect)
Now friends have to apply a particles effect in this, then for that you have to click on the plus from the starting point and go to the image and video, Then I will give you a particles effect, add it and click on 3 dot and click on the flower screen, And keep it till the last, and cut off the remaining extra part.

Now friends, you can save your video, for this you have to export the video by going to the share option and then save it.

And friends, if you have any question related to this video or how did you like this video, you will definitely tell in the comment.

Thank You So Much For Valuable Time..

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