Trending Shake Photo Lyrical Status Video Editing in Alight Motion

Hello friends welcome all of you to my blog.So friends I am going to teach you how to edit new trending in heart lyrical rain drop shake photo full screen 4k whatsapp status video in this video.Because friends, this kind of lyrical videos are going on a very high trend, many people are also liking this kind of lyrical videos.
If you want to do this kind of rain drop trending lyrical and shake photo status video editing with your photo, then Please read this blog completely.I am going to tell you a very easy way to make this video.

Alight Motion Shake Effect Lyrical Status video editing | lyrics glow Status Editing

What We Need?
So friends, to make this kind of video, you will need alight Motion application.And some materials which you will find at the bottom of this post.And friends who do not have alight motion application, then they can download alight motion app and materials by joining my telegram channel.

Now friends, I am going to tell you how to edit this new video, so friends, you have to follow the steps given below to make this lyrical status from your photo.

Step 1 (Add Beat Mark)
First of all friends, you have to download the project of beat mark and shake effect in alight motion app and import it into alight motion.How to import or if there is any problem in importing, then you have to watch the video by clicking on the link below.To download the Effect Key project, you will need a password, which you will find below.

Enter Password :


Step 2 (Add Images)
Now friends, by going to where the beat is starting, you have to go to plus and go to Image and Video and select an image.After that you have to go to 3 dot by clicking on the image and do “fill screen”.Then you have to come near the next beat and cut the image from the right side.And from there to select the second image In the same way you have to select all the images

Step 3 (Apply Shake Effect)
After adding all the images, now you guys have to apply the shake effect in the images, then for that you have to copy the shake effect of the first image, and add as many images as you want near the beat. It has to be pasted in all of them, for that you have to go to the effect by clicking on the image and paste it by going to the 3 dot.

Step 4 (Apply Lyrics Video)
After applying the effect, you have to add a video of lyrics from the most starting point, for that from the starting point you have to click on the plus and go to the image and video.After that the video of the lyrics has to be edited.And he has to “fill screen” by clicking on 3 dot, After that you have to go to the effect by clicking on the video containing the lyrics and after adding effect, go to the colour and light section and select “hue shift” to the standard settings, After that you have to cut the lyrics from where the lyrics are changing,And clicking on all has increased the “hue shift”, which will change the colour Similarly, you have to change the colour of all the lyrics.

Step 5 (Add Particals)
Now friends, we have to come to the place from where we added the image and go from plus to add a particles effect.And mute its sound and then go to 3 dot and make it full screen.And then go into blending and set it on the screen by going to lighten, Now friends you have to save this video by exporting it.


Step 6 (Apply Rain Drop Effect)
Now friends, to apply the “rain drop” effect in it, you have to open the node video, you will easily find this application on the play store.After opening it, you have to do pro e, then click on new and select the ratio of “720 *1560”, and go to plus and go to media and select that video from video, Which we have made in alight motion, then you will see another plus option below, click on it and go to the asset store, Then you have to add the effect of “Rain drop” from there and set the blur to 0,

Now friends, you will get an export option on the right side of the home icon below, by clicking on it, you have to click on the green colour Play button that will appear.Your video will start exporting,

And friends, if there is any problem in making this video, then you can watch its tutorial video.

And how did you like this tutorial and tell me how did you like it by commenting,Message me on Instagram if you have any more questions,

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