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So friends, if you want to make a professional intro for your youtube channel, but you are not able to make it, and even if you are making from somewhere, then you are going to see the watermark in that youtube intro. So you do not need to worry at all, in this blog I am going to teach you how to make a professional intro for your own YouTube channel. Whether it is your gaming youtube channel, tech youtube channel, or any catogery’s youtube channel, you can make youtube intro for all catogery from here

What Is YouTube Channel Intro?

So friends, who do not know what is YouTube intro after all, then let me tell for them that when you watch YouTube videos of any channel. So first of all you see a short video which is of 10 to 15 seconds, in which the name of its channel is written and the logo is kept.And that small video represents that channel. Such friends, you get to see in everyone’s YouTube videos, it is hardly seen on anyone’s channel, it is seen on everyone else’s channel.

How to make an intro for youtube channel?

So friends, if you also want to create a professional intro for your YouTube channel, but you do not know how to make one,So friends, you can make intro for YouTube channel online as well as offline. But what I am going to tell you in this blog is going to be both an online and offline method. 

So friends, it is easy for you to understand, so I am going to tell you both the ways one by one.

Step 1 (Online Intro Website)

So friends, first of all you have to open the Renderforest website, which friends, you can easily open it by searching on google. After opening, you will see an option of “Get Started” at the top, click on it.After that friends, you will see 4 options there, to make what you want to make, then you have to select the video there. 

Step 1.b (Make Intro Free)

Now friends, you will start seeing many intro templates and all these youtube channel intros are going to be free.All you have to do is select a template for your YouTube channel, After that click on create now.After creating now you will reach the editing window, After creating now you will reach the editing window . There you just have to write the logo of your YouTube channel and write the name.

Step 1.c (Save Video)

Now to save this video in the gallery, you will see a play option above, you have to go to it.After going to it, you will see the resolution below but you will have to pay to save it in all the resolutions. And you have to click on free preview to save it for free, your video will be made after complete process in a while, after that you will save it. But friends, due to saving it for free, watermark may have come in it, so now we will remove it with the help of kinemaster application.

Step 2 (Offline Remove Watermark)

So friends have to open Kinemaster, and then select the ratio of 16: 9 and select that video. After selecting the video, first of all zoom the video a bit, After that you have to duplicate it as layer by clicking on this video, then cut it and cut the blank part only, friends.Then you have to put that video where the watermark is coming, and increase the feather a little. Similarly, you have to adjust it well, when you have adjusted it, then before you save the video, you can put music in it or you can leave this music.

If you don’t have Kinemaster you can go here.

My Best Intro Template:-

If you have any problem in making the intro, then you can watch its video in which I have told, how you can edit.

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