How To Make Professional HD Thumbnail For YouTube Video

How to make hd YouTube thumbnail | YouTube video thumbnail


Hello guys I am going to share some tips to make a professional youtube thumbnail in this blog for all of you,  So guys if you are a youtuber and you want to make a good attractive thumbnail for your youtube videos, so that the viewers can see your video by clicking on your thumbnail, So guys, understand each and every step given in this blog carefully. 
Benefits of a Good Thumbnail
So friends, first of all, you should know that what are the benefits of a good thumbnail?
So guys, the first advantage of making a good thumbnail is that the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your video will increase. And if the CTR of your video will increase, it means that more and more views will come on your video, Due to which YouTube will feel that there is something in your video, so people are clicking on it, so that YouTube will send your video to more people, due to which your video can also become viral and your earnings can also increase.
Disadvantages of Bad Thumbnails
Now friends, know the disadvantages of making bad thumbnails.
So you can make as many good thumbnails as you want, but no one will see your video until your video is clicked. Because friends, the people who will get the impression of your video, they will not understand anything, eslia from your thumbnail, they will not click on your video, and when you do not click, your video will be down. And then youtube will not send the impression of your video to anyone because youtube will think that your video is useless so people are not clicking on it
How To Make A Professional YouTube Video Thumbnail?

So friends, to make a good and attractive thumbnail of YouTube videos, some things should always be kept in mind.

The thumbnail of your video should be very clear so that people can easily understand what you are going to tell in your video. Because friends viewers will click on the same video that they want to see, and when your thumbnail they will not know what you want to tell in the video then They will not click on your video at all.
  1. Use Clear Font in Thumbnail
  2. Use Colours in Thumbnail
  3. Includes Some Proof in Thumbnail
  4. Make HD Thumbnail
1. Use Clear Font in Thumbnail
So guys, to make an attractive thumbnail, the font you use in it should also be attractive and clear. So that when you write anything from that font, it will look clear, so guys I have given the name of some such fonts which I always use, To create thumbnails for your YouTube videos.
2. Use Colours in Thumbnail
So friends, to make the thumbnail of your video attractive, the more attractive font is necessary, the more important is the color of its background and fonts. So guys you don’t have to use much color in your youtube thumbnail, The most commonly used colors in YouTube thumbnails are “red and green”.So you will also use some similar color in your thumbnail which people like.
3. Includes Some Proof in Thumbnail
So guys, to make your youtube thumbnail clickable, you should also add some such proof to it that people will be convinced by seeing and o click on that video thumbnail. 
4. Make HD Thumbnail
So friends, to make your thumbnail in HD, you should always save YouTube thumbnail in 720 width and 1280 height only, so that your video thumbnail will always be visible.
Recommended Application For Making HD Thumbnail in Mobile.
  • Pixel lab 
  • PicsArt

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