Mai Tera Lofi Beat Song Video Editing in Alight Motion

Lofi Beat Song Video Editing | Alight motion Lofi Beat video editing | Alight motion new editing

Hello Guys welcome to my blog guru sanjeev in this blog I have brought you another tutorial of editing a new 4K full screen status video. Which guys are going to be awesome, because guys the music we’re going to use in this video is a lofi beat music And guys lofi beat music is always on trending, these lofi beat music are very trending on Instagram right now. So that’s why guys I chose “main tera song lofi beat song”.  if you want to make this type of status video with your photo, then definitely read this blog completely, so that you can easily understand every step of making this video. And be able to create an amazing 4K full screen status video even with your own photos. 

What we need for this video Editing?
So you will need alight motion application and some material to make this video, as well as shake effect project and beat mark project. So you can download alight Motion app from my telegram, I have pinned alight Motion application on my telegram And download the alight Motion shake effect, I have given it below, and you will find all the other materials at the bottom of this blog, you will download it from there.

Alight Motion🔻

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Follow All Steps One By One

Step 1 (Add Beat & Shake Project)
First of all, friends, you have to download the alight motion application from my telegram, and those who already have it, there is no need to download them, Now friends you have to import a preset in alight motion, that preset will be in guys XML file, so if you don’t know how to import preset then I will give you a video for this. After watching that video, you will be able to import the presets into alight motion application, To make this video in that preset, there will be Shake Effect Project and Beat Mark Project. 

Beat And Shake Project 🔻

Enter Password :

But to download this project, you need a password, which you will find in the video editing tutorials given below.

If you don’t know that how to import XML file in Alight motion then click on this and Watch Video🔻

Step 2 (Add Music)
After that friends, whatever text music will remain in this beat mark project, you have to delete it, after that you have to go to the plus and go to audio and you will select the audio that I will give. Because this beat mark project will remain in xml file, so when you import it, So the music won’t work.

Step 3 (Add First Image)
Now friends, you have to add an image to the beat mark project, then you will come to the starting point for it, then click on the plus and click on the image and video and select one of your images. After selecting the image, clicking on the 3 dots will make it “full screen”, which will bring the image to full screen. After that you have to stretch this image till near the 2nd Beat and keep it. Then you have to click on it and click on the layer and copy the layer, then come to the starting point and go to the layer and paste layer 2 times.

Step 4 (Add Animation)
Now friends, in this we will add animation and shake effect, then for that you have to open the shake project, and in starting you will get 3 effects “Upper, Down, and Middle” To paste these three effects in those three images, Upar effect in upper image, down effect in down image and middle effect in middle image. After applying the effect in this way, you will have to add animation, then the first beat that comes for that will go to move and transform by clicking on the image above And there you have to add a plus, you have to come near the second beat and after adding a plus slide the image to the left. Similarly, you have to apply the key in the image below and slide it to the left, And now by clicking on the middle image, we have to add a similar key to the scale one and we will make it 0 by coming near the 2nd beat.

Step 5 (Add Second Image with Effect)
Now friends, you have to go from the second beat to the plus to the image and video, then add another image, And by clicking on the 3 dot, clicking on “fill screen” will make it full screen, after that we will go back to the shake project and copy the effects of “Effect 1” and And will paste it in the 2nd image in your project. By which the cube effect will be applied in the guys second image,

Step 6 (Select All Images)
Now friends, you have to select all the images, but guys you have to take care that the image you used for the cube effect, After that again we will select the same image, after that again we will select other images, To select images, you have to go to the plus and go to Image and Video, then select the image.And by clicking on the 3 dot, you have to screen the flower and cut that image near the next beat.

Step 7 (Add Shake Effects)
Now friends we have to apply effect in all these images, so guys what i gave shake project in starting, u By doing “Effect 2” in it you will get an effect, you have to copy its effect, After that you have to go to his own project and click on all the images one by one and go to the effect and click on the 3 dot and paste it so that the effect will be applied to all your images.

Step 8 (Add Overlay 1)
Now friends, you have to come to the most starting point and go to the plus and go to the image and video and aesthetic effect 1 has to be added, After that, by clicking on the 3 dot, the flowers have to be screened and after coming to the first beat, whatever extra part is there, we will cut it. Then go to the option of Blending and Opacity and go to Lighten and set it on the screen.

Step 9 (Add Overlay 2)
Now friends, you have to go to the image and video from near the second beat and add the Aesthetic Effect 2, and also click on the 3 dot and do “fill screen” and make it full screen, And going to the last beat, cut the extra part of it and remove it, then go to Blending and Opacity and set it on the screen.

Save Your Video
Now friends, your video has been made, you just have to export and save the video by going to the share.

 if you want to see its video editing tutorial So I have given the video below, you can see

And how did you like this tutorial, you will definitely tell by commenting, and if you have any question, you will message on Instagram.

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time on this blog

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