Manike Mage Hithe Song Shake + Photo Glow Lyrical Status Editing

Alight motion video editing | node video editing | glow lyrics + Shake Photo video editing

Hello friends welcome to my blog my name is sanjeev and i teach status video editing in my blog guru sanjeev. And friends in this blog I am going to teach you a 4k full screen shake photo lyrical status video editing, With “manike mage hithe” song because this song friends is going on trending right now and many people are also liking this manike mage hithe song…

What we need for this video editing?

Friends, to make this video you will need a light motion application and some materials which I will give you. And guys alight Motion application you can download it from my telegram and I have pinned it there.

So now friends follow the steps given below to make the video.

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Step 1 (Import Alight Motion Project)

First of all friends you have to import beat mark project in alight motion application, and friends this beat mark and shake effect project will be in XML file, And friends, to download it, you need a password, which you will find in the video below, And if you don’t know how to import XML file in alight motion then you can see below link. 

  • Beat Mark and Shake Effect Project

Enter Password :

If you don’t know how to import XML file in Alight motion then watch this video ⬇️

Step 2 (Make Lyrics Video)

Now friends, you will open the Beat Mark project and there you will find the lyrics of the song written, Just you have to add the font to it, then guys, for that you have to go to the font and click on view all font and click on the 3rd line, Then by clicking on the import font below, you have to download the 6 fonts that I will give you, and add it then select it. After adding all the fonts, you have to export it and then save it.

Download Fonts

Step 3 (Add Glow Effect)

Now friends have to open node video application to add glow effect in this lyrics, you can download it from play store, After that you have to select a project of 720 width and 1600 hight in it, Now you have to go to media by clicking on the plus and then go to the video, and select the video from there, Then you will see a plus icon at the bottom which will be in gray colour, click on it, and go to effect, then in stylize then select glow. After that you have to save this video. 

Step 4 (Save Glow Lyrics Video)

To save, you get the option of share below, by clicking on it in the right of Home, selecting the resolution and clicking on the green play button, your video will be saved.

Step 5 (Add Music)

Now friends, you have to open the alight motion application again and delete the lyrics, then add the video with glow lyrics from the starting point, After that, you have to select this music from the audio by going to the plus, I will give it to you in all the materials.

Step 6 (Add Images)

Now friends, from where the lyrics end, you have to go to Plus and select your image by going to Image and Video, And then come near the next beat, cut and remove the extra part of this image, Then you have to select the second image, and select all the similar images.

Step 7 (Apply Shake Effect)

Now all these images have to apply shake effect, so guys, for that you have to open the shake project, And there you have to copy all the effects of Shake Effect 1, and paste in all the short duration images that come in your project, And then you have to copy all the effects of Shake Effect 2 by going to the Shake project, and then paste it in the image of all the long durations that came in your project, To paste, you have to click on the image and go to the effect and paste it by clicking on 3 dots.

Step 8 (Add Overlay Effect)

After that a heart rain effect has to be added, for that you have to go to the first image and then go to the image and video and select the heart rain effect from there. You will get this effect in all materials, now you have to make it full screen by clicking on 3 dots, then click on blending and set it on the screen.

Your Video is Ready 😍

Now friends, your video has been made, just go to the share option and export the video and then save it.

And if you want to see the tutorial video of this status then you can watch it.

Full Tutorial ⬇️

And friends, how did you like this tutorial, you will definitely tell in the comment and if you have any questions then definitely contact on Instagram.

Thank you so much for your valuable time… 

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