Instagram Trending New Beat Sync Status Editing in CapCut

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Hello guys welcome to my blog guru sanjeev, So friends, in this blog I am going to teach editing of Instagram’s trending beat sync shake effect status video, So music friends, I am very cute to hear, so guys if you want to edit status video on this music, then definitely read this blog completely, And follow the below steps one by one, I hope all of you guys will like this video editing tutorial.

Step 1 (CapCut Video Editor)
So friends, to edit this video, you need capcut application, And friends who do not have capcut video editor can download from my telegram channel. but to download the effects in capcut application, we have to connect a vpn, then Open Capcut video editor.

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Step 2 (Connect VPN)
So friends you can connect any vpn, and as far as I am concerned, I use turbo vpn which you will get easily on Play Store, You will download it from play store and connect vpn after that open capcut application.

Step 3 (Select Images)
After opening the Capcut application, you will be able to select a new project by clicking on New Project, After that you have to select some of your images by going to the Images section, And after selecting all the images, you will see the button of add below, click on it and add the images.

Step 4 (Select Ratio & Adjust Image
Now friends, you have to adjust all the images, select the ratio of the video, For that friends, you have to select the ratio of 9:16 by clicking on the option of the format below, then to set all the images in the full screen, you will click on it and drag it with your finger, And guys Last will get a video capcut that has to be deleted.

Step 5 (Add Audio)
Now friends, if you want to add audio, then guys, for that you have to click on add audio, Then you have to select the video which I will give by clicking on extracted, Then you have to add, which will add sound to that video, 

Step 6 (Cut Images According to Beats)
Now friends, all these images have to be cut according to the beat of the music, so for that you have to come wherever the wave is thick in the music And by clicking on the image, stretch the image from there and delete the extra part, Similarly all the beats have to be matched.

Step 7 (Add Animation)
Now friends, we have to apply the effect in all the images, then by clicking on the first image we will go to the animation, then go to the combo and select “3D card 2”, After that, by clicking on his image, he will go to animation, then go to “in” and select the swing button,And set its duration to 0.7 seconds, You have to apply in the same way.

Now friends, your video has been made, just click on the share option and export it, 

And friends, how did you like this tutorial, you will definitely tell in the comment, and if you have any question, you can tell me by messaging me on Instagram,

Thank You So Much For Your Valuable Time

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