Param Sundari Song Beat Sync Shake Effect Status Video Editing in Alight motion

Param Sundari Video Editing | Alight motion shake effect status video editing

Hello guys welcome to my blog guru sanjeev, And guys In this blog I will teach you a Status Video Editing with new Trending song “Param Sundari”, So Guys if you want to make param sundari beat sync shake effect status video with your photos then carefully read this blog because in this blog I’m going to teach you param sundari status video editing tutorial with help of Alight Motion Application, You Just Follow These Steps who given below And Make Status Video with your photos.

Step 1 (Download Alight Motion)
So Guys First of all you will need alight motion application in which we will edit this video, so Guys if you do not have alight motion application then you can download from my telegram channel, I have pinned alight Motion on my Telegram channel, So you can download and install it from my telegram.
Step 2 (Import Beat Mark Project)
Now friends you have to import beat mark project in it, So Guys, I have also given the download link of Beat Mark Project below, just you will need a password to download it, which you will find in the video below, So simply import the Beat Mark project into your alight motion application by entering the password, and if you don’t know how to import or are facing any problem, So you can watch the video by clicking on the link given below.

Enter Password :

Note:- This beat mark project will be in XML file so if you don’t know how to import XML file into Elite Motion then you can watch the video by clicking on the link below.
Step 3 (Add First Overly Video)
Now guys you have to open the beat mark project and then delete whatever text remains in it, Then you have to go to Plus and go to Image and Video and I will give you a video, you have to add this video, And which is our first beat mark, we have to delete all the extra parts after that, then go to move and transform and rotate the video to 90°, Then you have to come to the scale and increase its size and make it full screen.
Step 4 (Golden PNG)
Now friends, if you want to add a PNG on top of this first overlay video, then guys I have given the golden text png below, you just have to download it, Then go to Pulse and go to Image and Video and select it, and stretch it till near the first beat.
Step 5 (Silver PNG)
Similarly, friends, I will also give you a silver text PNG, so if you want, you can also select it and edit it, Just go to the plus, then go to the image and video, select the silver text png and keep it near the first beat, And guys if you want to increase the size of this png then you can go to move and transform and increase the size by going to scale.
Step 6 (Apply Effect)
Now guys have to apply the effect in this PNG which is very easy guys, you just have to click on the png and go to the effect, Then add effect to move/transform and add oscillate to standard setting, then set its frequency to 1 and you can keep the angle whatever you want, I kept 90°.
Step 7 ( Add Music)
Now friends, we have to add music to this, so guys I have given the download link of music below, you can easily download it from there, Then you have to go from the starting point to the plus and go to the audio and add that music, then go to the last beat mark and cut off the extra music.
Step 8 (Add Lyrics BG Video)
Now friends, you have to add a video from the first beat to the plus again, and keep this video till 20.19 near the beat which is there, And then you will get some beat mark of sort duration, after that you have to add this video again, and then cut it near the next beat.
Step 9 (Add Lyrics)
Now friends, you have to add what I have given to the lyrics below, so copy the first line of the lyrics, Then from the first beat to the plus, go to the text, and paste this lyrics there, and let the color remain gray, Then you have to select popins extra bold by clicking on Roboto Regular and doing a view all font, you will search and select it, Then it has to be aligned in the center, All the lyrics have to be added, Now friends you have to apply effect in this.
“ले तो गयी कलेजा”
संग में हमें भी ले जा
ये तो चोरी पे
है सीना ज़ोरी
कभी लगे मोनालिसा
कभी कभी लगे लोलिता
और कभी जैसे कादंबारी
 हाए मेरी परम
 हाए मेरी
Step 10 (Import Shake Effect)
Now friends, the project of shake effect I have given below has to be imported in alight motion, just like you imported the beat mark project, you have to import it as well, 

Step 11 (Add Text Effect)
Now friends, by opening this shake project, click on the text that has the effect and go to the effect and copy its effect and paste it in all the lyrics, To paste, by clicking on the lyrics, go to the effect and paste it by clicking on the 3 dot, Due to which the effect will be applied in the lyrics.
Step 12 (Add Images)
Now friends, the beat that comes after the lyrics, you have to go to plus and select the image by going to the image and video, and then click on the 3 dot and make it full screen, And near the next beat, cut off the extra part. Then from here you have to select the second image, and in the same way you have to add all the images. You can download all these images from my telegram, And now guys we have to apply effect in these images
Step 13 (Add Shake Effects)
To apply shake effect in the image, you have to open the shake project, and click on the effect which is 1 and go to the effect and click on the 3 dot and copy its effect by copying it, Then after coming back to your project, paste this shake effect in the two images that come before all the short duration images, To paste, click on the image and paste it in the effect, Similarly, friends, you have to paste all the effects of Effect 2 in all the images of short duration, And the effect of Effect 3 has to be pasted in all the images that come after the short duration.
So now friends, your video is ready, now you can save it, for that you have to export the video by going to the share option and then save it.
I hope this blog will solve these queries🔻
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And friends, how did you like the tutorial of this video, you will definitely tell by commenting, and if you have any question, you can message on Instagram, I will reply asap.

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