KineMaster Stylish WhatsApp status video editing 2021

Stylish new Whatsapp status editing 2021 | KineMaster video editing | new status editing 2021

Hello friends, how are you guys, hope you are all fine, so friends, in this blog, I have brought a tutorial for editing new style status video for you. Friends, this status looks very cool to see, if you make such a new stylish status video and share it anywhere on social media, then many people will like your video.

If you want to make status video with your photo, then definitely read this blog completely,And after reading completely, you will be able to easily create this type of status video with your image, because I am going to tell you in very easy steps, So read this blog completely and follow the steps given below carefully.

What do you need to make a video?

So friends, to edit this video, you need Kinemaster application which you can download from my telegram and need some materials which you will find below.


Follow these steps

To friends, first of all you have to open the Kinemaster application and after that select a new project with the ratio of 9:16.

Step 1 (Select Project)
After selecting the project, you have to select your image and if you want, you can go into the adjustment and increase its saturation and contrast a bit, which will increase the quality of the image.

Step 2 (Select Image)
Now friends have to increase its length and after coming to the starting point, you have to go to the layer and then to the effect. And from there you have to go to Kinemaster Store and download a colour isolation effect and add it.After that, keep it in the middle of the image and rotate it a bit, then go to its setting and make its intensity full.and fill its inverse.


Step 3 (Add Effect)
Now you have to go to the layer again and then go to handwriting and select the line from there and draw a line,And if that line has to be applied as a border above and below the isolation effect, then first we will put it above, then after going to the 3 dot, take a duplicate of it and keep it below.

Step 4 (Make Layer)
After that you have to click on the image and go to 3 dot and duplicate as layer, And by shortening its duplicate, keep the colour isolated as far as it is, then you have to go into handwriting and make a border of this image by taking a square wala shape,Then duplicate this image and add it in the middle, then add its border by duplicating v in the same way.Then do another duplicate in the same way and put it in the left

Step 5 (Add Overly)
Now you have to come to the starting point and go to the layer and go to the media and select a particles effect and then go to split screen and make it full screen and go to blending and set it on the screen,And then to change its colour and keep the same colour which is the colour of the cloth, then for that you have to go to the adjustment and minus or plus its hue.After that it has to be sent to 3 dot and then back it.

Then you have to add the border, for that you have to go to the layer and add it to the media.

So friends, by commenting, you will definitely tell how did you like this article and if you liked it, then you will definitely tell by commenting, and if you have any questions, you can message on Instagram.

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