Colourful 4K Full Screen Lyrical Status Editing in Alight Motion

Hello guys my name is sanjeev and welcome to all of you on my blog “Guru Sanjeev” In this blog I am going to give you a stylish colorful lyrical status video editing tutorial. Which guys look very attractive and cool to see, So guys, you will definitely tell this type of status video with your photo, All you have to do is follow each and every step given in this blog. So I hope you like this blog guys.

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Step 1 (Alight Motion)
So friends you need alight motion application to edit this video, which you can download from my telegram, There I have pinned it, and also some material will be required which you will get 2 to 3 days after uploading this tutorial video on youtube on my telegram, And if you want to download now then I have given all the materials below.

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Step 2 (Import Project)
Now friends you have to import the beat mark project and shake effect project in alight motion, I have given the link below,But you need a password to download, which you will find in the video below, then you will definitely watch the video once. And if you have problems importing, then click on “how to import XML file in alight motion” below.
Beat Mark and Shake Effect Project 🔻

Enter Password :

Step 3 (Add Music)
Now friends, you have to open the Beat Mark project and add music to it, for which you have to go from the starting point to the plus, then go to the audio and select the music I will give. And if I give you the video, then go to the plus and go to the image and video, Then after selecting the video and clicking on the 3 dots, extract the sound.
Step 4 (Edit Lyrics)
Now friends, by clicking on the lyrics, you have to go to the border and shadow and enable the shadow, then clicking on both png and going to “colour and fill” and setting the transparency of both of them to 0. Due to which the color will come in png, Now friends come to the Shake project and copy the effects of “Effect 1” and paste them in the emoji. And copy the effect of Effect 2 and paste it in the lyrics.

Step 5 (Other Lyrics)
Now we have to write other lyrics, then for that you have to select the lyrics and both the emoji and go to the layer and copy it, Then you have to layer the paste near the second beat, Then you have to click on all of them one by one and keep it till near the 3rd beat by going to the timing one.
Step 6 (Add Gradient)
Now friends have to take a rectangle in the background of these lyrics, then make it full screen, and then go to “colour and fill” and select a gradient color, In between which should be white color and in the edge any color except black, Then by clicking on it, go to the effect and add an effect, add “hue shift” and a plus in starting And in the last one has to add a plus to this rectangle and then increase it to 3X.
Step 7 (Add Images)
Now friends, you have to add all your images, for that you have to go to Image and Video by clicking on the plus near the 3rd beat and select your image, After that it has to be made full screen by clicking on 3 dots. All other images have to be edited in the same way.
Step 8 (Make Shadow)
Now friends, from where you have added the images, you have to go to the plus and add a rectangle, Then add Gaussian blur to it and make Gaussian blur full, Then you have to put this shadow under the video, 
Step 9 (Add Light Effect)
Now from here you have to go to the plus, then add the video with more light effect to the image and video, and go to blending and make it screen, and go to 3 dots and set it to full screen.
Step 10 (Apply Shake Effect)
 Now you have to go back to the Shake project, and copy the effects of the last one you will get “Effect 3” there, Then you have to paste it in all the images that come in your project, To paste, click on the image, then go to the effects and paste it by clicking on the 3 dots.
Step 11 (Add Lyrics Video)
After that you have to add the video of the lyrics by going to the plus point at the starting point, then you have to go to the blending and screen it, Then you have to mute its sound, then you have to cut and remove all the part of the left side of the image from where it is starting, Then set it well on top of the shadow.
Now friends, your video has been made, please comment how did you like this tutorial.


And thnak you so much for your valuable time.

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