Trending Lyrical Status Editing in Alight Motion (GS58)

Hello friends, how are you guys, I have again brought you a New Stylish Lyrical And Photo Shake Beat Sync Status Video Editing tutorial with help of Alight Motion Application in this blog, So friends, if you also want to do this kind of Trending Lyrical Beat Sync Status Video with your own photos, then definitely read this blog completely In this blog I am going to understand you every step very easily, so that you will be able to make it easily, just follow the steps given below.

Alight motion video editing | Trending Lyrical Video Editing

Step 1
So friends as I told you that to edit this kind of Trending Lyrical Status Video, we will need alight motion application, So if those who do not have alight motion application, then for them I have given below, you will download Alight Motion it and install it.

Step 2
Now friends, I will give you a beat mart project, in which I have marked the beat of the song to edit this video, so that you will not need to check the beat of the song,So friends, all you have to do is download this beat mark project and import it into the alight motion application, If you do not know how to import, then you can see the video by clicking on the link below.


Step 3
After that friends you have to add music So to add guys music, you have to download the music which you will find below, you will download it, After downloading, open the beat mark project and go to audio option by clicking on the plus icon, then select the audio you downloaded.

Step 4
In the Beat mark project, you will find text written in it, you will have to apply effect in it, just download the font below and extract it and import it in alight motion, To import font in alight motion, you have to click on tax and click on import font in 3 line and then import the font which I have given.After that, friends, you will add the font and to write the second lyrics, the tax has to be copied by selecting both the emoji, Then paste it near the next beat.

Step 5
Now friends, you have to add all your images, So friends, To add the image, friends, you have to come to the beat after the lyrics, then click on the plus and go to the image and video, Then you have to select any of your images and Then click on the 3 dot and set it on full screen and then cut the extra part of the image near the next beat mark.And like this all the images have to be selected one by one.

Step 6
Now friends, we have to apply effect to all these images and the lyrics Of song. so guys i have made effect for all of these you just have to paste the same effect,  So guys i have given a project below i will import it in alight motion.

Step 7
In this you will get 2 effects, friends, you just have to paste it and how to paste it, I have also told below, So friends, first of all you have to copy the effect 1, to copy the effects, you have to click on effect 1 and go to the effect and click on the 3 dot and copy it, And then come to your project and paste the effect in the starting 3 images And then do not have to paste these effects in 1 image, similarly you have to paste this effect in all except 1 image after 3 images.

Step 8
Then friends, to apply the effect on the 1st image after 3 images you have to come back to the shake project and copy all the effect of shake effect 2, Then you have to paste all the images that we have come in your project.

Step 9
Then friends, we have to apply an effect on this video, then guys you will get a video effects, you will download it below.Then friends, you have to go from starting point to plus and go to Image and Video and select that video, And then click on the 3 dot and set it to full screen and if that video becomes small, then copy it and paste it near its ending.


Now friends your video is ready, I hope you liked the editing tutorial of this birthday status video, how did you like this tutorial and tell us by commenting.

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