New Heart Lyrical Status Video Editing in Alight motion

Alight motion video editing | Alight Motion Trending lyrical status video editing

Hello friends, how are you guys, I also brought you a new Lyrical Status Initiative Initiative Lyrical Status with the help of Alight Motion Application on this blog and, Friends, if you also want to create this Lyrical Trending Video Video with photos or photos of your family or of friends, then read this blog in its entirety In this blog I will easily understand all the steps, which you will easily understand and make such a birthday video.


Step 1
So friends as I teach you to edit this type of new heart lyrical Status Video in alight motion application, so if you don’t have alight motion application so you can download it from my telegram channel or from download link give below, you will download Alight Motion and install it. 

Step 2
Now friends, I’m going to give you a beat mart project, where I tagged a rhythm to edit this kind of amazing status video, so you don’t have to look at the rhythm of the song. how, you can see the video by clicking on the link below, search on YouTube how to import an xml file to Alight motion guru Sanjeev

Step 3
Within the beat mark project, you will find the lyrics of the song, You will have to apply the result to it. But before that the existing font will be imported, then you guys will download the font, you will find the download link below, and by opening the song group, you will select this font below it, You will find the heart download link PNG below, just go to the color and fill in go to the star icon and select it, then go to navigate and change and set it right.

Step 4
After that friends you have to add music So to install the music boys you have to download the music you will find below, you will download it, After downloading, open the beat mark project and go to the audio option by clicking on the merge icon, then select the sound you downloaded.

Step 5
Now friends you have to download the shake project that gave me the download link below, you will download it and download it in motion, And I have already told you how to import, then you will import.

Step 7
Now friends, you have to open the Shake project and copy the result of Group 1, Copy, you have to go to the results by clicking on the group and click on 3 dot and make a copy result, Then come to your beat mark project, After that, by clicking on the song group , you have to go to Effects and paste it.Friends, paste it into all such groups and change the color of them all, go to the face space and change the color 2.

Step 8
Now friends, if you have to choose your photos, you have to move from the first beat to the plus and then you have to go to the photo and video, and you have to select all your photos there, then click on the 3 dot to make it a full screen and cut the extra part closer of the next rhythm.


Step 9
Now friends, you have to copy all the effects of effect 1 on the shake project and paste it into the first image, then paste the effect of 2 effect on all the other images, so that the effect will be applied to the images.

Step 10
Then friends, we have to apply the effect to this video, then guys you will get the video results, you will download it below. Then friends, you have to start from the beginning and go to Image and Video and select that video, then click 3 put it on full screen Then go to Blending and put it on the screen., and after getting close to the last beat mark, cut out the extra part and remove it.

Now friends your video is ready, I hope you liked the editing tutorial for this birthday video, how you liked this tutorial and told us about the comments.

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