Top 10 Disney Animated Movies (GS77)

Top 10 Disney Animated Movies (GS77) :- Do you like the beautiful Disney movie? What about a prince and a princess? So do we!

From Cinderella to ern Elsa and everyone in between, it’s hard not to like the Disney classic. Disney studios have been capturing hearts for nearly 100 years and at that time have grown tremendously in graphic design and architecture.



Top 10 Disney Animated Movies (GS77)

Do you already think which Disney movies are the best? Check out our list and see if your favorite has done it!




1. Frozen

Since Frozen is one of Disney’s most popular movies, how can we add them to our list?
When the city of Arendelle realizes that the newly enthroned Queen Elsa has magical power, she runs away from her empire and feels like an outsider. The movie follows her sister Anna’s quest to find her. Along the way, Anna makes new friends and learns more about her sister’s past.







2. The Lion King

One of the biggest Disney executives on our list is none other than Simba. The Lion King is the ultimate story of love, loss, and temptations to grow.
This is also a classic for more than one reason as it has some great musical notes. Hans Zimmer, the first scorer, has revived points for the live action of the Lion King released in 2019.
Do you know anyone who doesn’t know ‘No Matata’? We do not know!






3. Little Girl

Next, we have the Little Mermaid, a late addition to the crowd of the 20th century Disney princess yet very popular. Singing sea creatures and another beautiful princess, what not to love?
Ariel wants nothing more than to be human when she falls in love with Prince Eric, so she makes a deal with the sea witch Ursula. With themes of freedom, desire, and curiosity the Little Mermaid speaks of the purity and wonder of life.







4. Aladdin

Aladdin’s story takes us off the magic carpet with the eyes of a clever street boy who has turned into a no-nonsense Disney prince.
Along with the old Disney themes Aladdin includes the genie, the evil sultan, and the sidekick of the obvious beast. Aladdin is full of air and drives and loves Princess Jasmine for who she is. This is good news for risking everything because of what you believe and who you love.
Aladdin has been made into a video game, TV show, and more recently a live action movie, proving to be one of Disney’s best movies.



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5. The Beauty of Sleep

Our list would not have been complete without the original princess, Aurora, and the infamous villain Maleficent.
This is the story of another princess trapped in a tower, but this time asleep. Aurora is cursed and can only be aroused by the kiss of true love.
This story of courage and destiny is made complete by the heroic salvation of none other than Prince Phillip. He awakens Aurora to see his true future and reunite him with his family.
Although Sleeping Beauty has always been fun, the character Maleficent has returned with two movies in the last decade.







6. Moana

The most recent classic, Moana is a 21st-century Disney princess. He proves that to be a princess you do not need a prince.
With a stunning, bright glow, Moana is stunning in appearance. As Moana embarks on a journey to save her dying island, she rekindles a friendship with an unexpected friend as her strength is tested along the way.
Moana shows that it is okay to break the tradition, while having love and respect for your community.




7. White Snow and Seven Buttocks

Did you know that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were the first Disney animated movie?
Released in 1937 and based on Brother Grimm’s novel, Snow White was the first to photograph all the princess myths we have seen.
As a jealous queen longs for her death, Snow White takes refuge in seven wildflowers that survive her days until she is tempted by a poisonous apple. The apple sends Snow White to eternal sleep to be awakened by the refreshment of true love.







8. Cinderella

Is there a story older than Cinderella? You have it all from the mother of the fairy, the ugly stepmother, and to Prince Charming!
Taken from one of Brother Grimm’s novels, Cinderella stands out as an old-fashioned princess movie. The original fabrics of the legendary treasure where the sweet, hard-working Cinderella found Prince Charming.
Cinderella’s difficult life makes you want to root her in the same way as her furry friends. Sure, she’s not as aggressive as other Disney princesses, but this Disney movie has stood for a while for a reason.
We all still love the story of the funny princess


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Top 10 Disney Animated Movies (GS77)






9. You are confused

Rapunzel’s old story finds a ern twist on the classic Disney. Forget Rapunzel letting go of her hair, the boy climbs out of her window for this!
Tangled takes us on Rapunzel’s journey to escape his high tower and the beautiful thief Flynn Rider to see the bright light in the city. Rapunzel does not know that she is a princess and that her hair is magical.







10. Mulan

Mulan is another Disney princess besides the prince. Mulan tells the fascinating story of a little girl who pretends to go to war like a boy to her ailing father.
This story of strength and courage is incomparable when it comes to movies of the Disney princess. The plot of the movie is based on Chinese mythology and was added to a Disney movie collection called ‘Disney Renaissance’ in 1998.



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In most Classics it is difficult to choose only ten. These are some of the best Disney movies that have penetrated the hearts and minds of people around the world.
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