Bol Kaffara song glow lyrics shake effect status editing in alight motion(GS89)

Bol Kaffara song glow lyrics shake effect status editing in alight motion

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in my blog “GURU SANJEEV“, so friends, I am going to give a tutorial of editing a new status video to all of you in this post, This song which is going to happen is also a new song friends Neha kakkar’s song, same we are going to edit the amazing glow lyrics and beat sync shake effect status video, So friends, you must read this blog completely and after reading it completely, you will also be able to create such a status video with your photo.




Bol Kaffara song glow lyrics shake effect status editing in alight motion

So guys we need alight motion application and node video application to edit shake photo status video with this amazing glow lyrics, But friends, now we only need alight motion application, then you will open your alight motion application, And for those who do not have it, I have given the download link below, you can download it.

Step 2

Now friends, you have to import a beat mart project in alight motion, whose download link I have given below, it will be in the XML file, then you will download and import it. In this beat mark project, you will get all the lyrics of the song written, 


Step 3

So friends like I told that in beat mark project you will get lyrics added but friends you have to add font in it, So friends, you will get the download link of this font also below, you can download it, And then import it in alight motion.

Step 4

Now friends, we have to add the effect in this lyrics, then you will have to add the effect, that I have given in the shake project, And the download link of Shake project is given below, you will import it after that open it, And guys, you will get to see the effect in that, then guys, you will copy the effect of Lyrics Effect 1 from it and paste it in all the lyrics, And to change the lyrics color, go to the effect of the lyrics and change the Stripes color.
Shake Effect

Step 5

Now friends, you have to export this video, then to add glow to this lyrics, you will open the node video application, You can download node video application from play store for free, After that you have to select this video by taking new project in node video, going to media, then going to asset store and add glow and export this video, I have told everything in the video below, you can also watch the video.

Step 6

Now friends, in the middle of this lyrics, where the lyrics will not be visible, you have to add one of your images, And on top of that an ink color effect video has to be added and after doing it full screen, go to blending and set it on the screen, and cut off the extra part.

Step 7

Then friends, from where the lyrics video ends, you have to add all your images one by one, And by clicking on whatever image does not come in full screen, you have to go to 3 dots, from there you have to “fill screen”, Your image will be set in full screen, And friends, if you want to download all these images, then join my telegram channel, I have given the link below, you will get all the images there.

Step 8

Now friends will apply shake effect to all of them, then guys you will open the shake project, And guys, you will get to see 3 shake effects there, then apply these three in your images, How to apply, I have told in the video below, then you will definitely see it.

Step 9

Now friends, you have to add a video effect to it and a heart particle effect, so guys I have given the download link of both, you will download it, And add the heart effect to the first image and add the particles effect to the whole video.
After that you have to save your video, Hope you would have liked the tutorial of the video.


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