Lovely X Kitna bechain hoke song beat sync lyrical status video editing (GS82)

Lovely X Kitna bechain hoke song beat sync lyrical status video editing (GS82)

Hello friends, how are you guys, today I am going to give a tutorial of new stylish lyrical status video editing for all of you my dear friends, So friends if you also want to edit new status video like this with your photo, then read this blog completely and follow all steps I have told in this video.



Step 1
So friends, we will edit this status video in alight motion application, so if you have alight motion app then open it, And if not, then you can join my telegram and download from my telegram channel, where I have pinned the alight motion application. So friends download alight motion and install this application.
Step 2
So friends, to edit this type of glow and stylish lyrical status, we have to mark the beat in a perfect way, so guys if you do not know how to mark the beat, So no problem guys, I have given a link to a beat marked project, so you just have to download that beat mark project and import it into alight motion application, And if you do not know how to import, then I have made a video for that too, you can watch it by visiting my YouTube channel (guru sanjeev).
Beat mark



Lovely X Kitna bechain hoke song beat sync lyrical status video editing (GS82)


Step 3
And friends, when you have imported the beat mark project in your alight motion application then you have to open this beat mark project and then you have to add music to it, And friends you don’t need to find music of this video, you will also find the download link of this music below, you will download it, And for add this music you have to go to Plus and go to Audio and add that music.
Step 4
So friends, whatever are the lyrics of this status, I have made a video of it, But you will not need to make, I have given the link of the video below, You will download it.



Step 5
And friends, you will not even need to write the lyrics of the song in it, because I have written the lyrics of the song and also added animation in lyrics guys, just you have to add a font, You will also find the download link of this font which you have to add in alight motion, you will download it and to add it in alight motion application, click on the lyrics and click on edit text then click on the name of the font. Then by clicking on the 3 line option, you have to click on import font option and add that font and then select it.
Step 6
Now friends, you have to add all your images, you have to add the image from the one who will have the last lyrics, From there you have to plus icon then you have to go to Image and Video option and Then add all your images one by one, And if your image does not come in full screen, then by clicking on 3 dots, you have to click on “fill screen” option, your image will be set in full screen, if you want to download all my images then you can download all these images from my telegram channel.



Step 7
Now friends you have to apply effects in all your images and song lyrics so guys you need shake effect for that, So guys I have also given a download link of a shake effect project below, you can also download it and import it into your alight motion application. After that, one by one, apply the effect to all the images and lyrics. I have told everything in the video how to apply the effects, so guys you will definitely watch the video below.
Step 8
Now guys you have to open shake effect project And then whatever effects are given in it, copy effect and paste effect in your project, To copy and paste, you have click of effect which you want to copy then you have to go to effects then you have to copy all the effects by clicking 3 dot option then you have to open your project and paste effect same like that,


So friends, in this way your video will be ready, so I hope you will like this video editing tutorial…
Thank You So Much For Your Valuable Time


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