New trending EFX status video editing in alight motion (GS85)

New trending EFX status video editing in alight motion (GS85) :- Hello friends so how are you all, So friends, I have brought another EFX status video editing tutorial for all of you with help of Alight Motion application, And I will teach you how to edit that trending EFX status video in this blog, so that you will also be able to create this type of status video with your photo, Whatever material you need to create this video, you will get it below, you can download it, and you have to follow all those steps one by one as I have given below, So friends, let’s start this video editing.

Step 1 (Open Alight Motion)
So friends, as I told you that to edit EFX status video, we will need alight motion application, so if you have it, then you will open your alight motion, And those who do not have, they can download from my telegram or can download from the link given below.



Step 2 (Import Project)
Now friends, you will get a project, you have to download it below, You will find everything in this project, because this is not a beat mark project or a shake effect project, Rather it is a video project, in which the effects, lyrics, shadows and background etc. will be kept alive. All you have to do is add your images to it, then you can download and import this project.



New trending EFX status video editing in alight motion(GS85)

I will give you the download link of the font which you want to add in alight motion, you will download in and import in in alight motion application …

heart Broken Font Download LInk





Step 3 (Add Font)
So friends, when you open the project, you will get to see some lyrics in the starting, but it will be simple, in that lyrics we have to add the font, So guys you will download the font, I have given the download link of that font below, after that click on the lyrics and go to the edit text then the name of the font where it will be showing Clicking there, then clicking on the 3-line option and clicking on the import font, and from here you have to select this font and add it to alight motion, and add it to all the lyrics, And friends, you will get another font, Samsung Color Emoji, add that too and add this font to the emoji.
Step 4 (Add Music)
Now friends, you have to add music to this video project, which music we will have to add to it, I have given the download link of that music below, you will download it, After that, by clicking on the plus in the beat mark project itself, you have to go to the audio, after that you have to select the same music which you will download.


Get Music


Download Your file




Step 5 (Add Your Images)
Now friends, you will have to add your images in it, but friends, whatever image you add, it should be in the ratio of 4:5, So if you have an image of this size, then add it and if it is not, then you will select a new project in the light motion itself in the ratio of 4: 5 After that add the images and set them on full screen and capture them, Then come to your project, where your pic is written, and where the background is written, you have to add the image there. For that, you just have to click on your pic, then go to color and fill and click on the start option, you have to add the image by clicking on the media note found option below.
Step 6 (Export video)
Now friends, you have to export this video and whatever work will be done, we will do it inside node video, so if you do not have it then you will download it from play store,
Step 7 (Open Node Video & Add Glow Effect)
Now friends, you have to open the node video and click on create new and click on custom in the ratio, then add width 1080 and height 1350 to it, After that go to Media and select the video which we just exported from Elite Motion. And now friends, we will apply effect in lyrics in this, so guys first of all go to plus and go to effects then stylize then select glow from there, And you have to do the setting which is shown in the image below and come in color and select red, 


node video editing glow effect


Step 8 (Add Glow Scan)
Similarly, friends, you have to go to the asset store by clicking on the plus again and add glow scan and its setting has also been given in the image below, I will see and set it for you.
node video editing glow scan effect


Step 9 (Add Rain Drop Effects)
Now friends, we will also add rain drop effect on top of the lyrics, so guys, for that too you have to go to the asset store and select the rain drip from there and you will see the seating in the image below. You will see and set it.
node video editing rain drop effect


And now friends, you have to add plus in all the three effects, from where the images come after the lyrics end, but by adding 2 plus the color near the last plus has to be reduced to 0, After that export this video.


So I hope you liked this EFX Status video editing tutorial so how did you like it, definitely tell in the comment.
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