Alight Motion New Camera Features

Alight Motion New Camera Features :- Hello friends, how are you all friends, I am going to tell about some amazing features of Alight Motion’s latest version 4.0 for all of you, Friends, this is the latest version of alight motion application, and very amazing amazing new features have been given in it, But friends, to use all these features, you will have to purchase the subscription of alight motion,And friends, only after purchasing you will be able to export the video without watermark in it, if you do not buy the subscription, then watermark will come in your video, But don’t worry you can use it for free also, how can you use it, I will tell you everything in this blog.




Alight Motion New Camera Features

Before knowing how you can use it for free, let me tell you about the most amazing new features of Alight Motion’s Version 4.0 And About This Application.

So friends first of all let me tell you that you can edit a professional video with the help of this Alight Motion’s Version 4.0 application, Like video editing is done in Adobe After Effects in PC or laptop, So friends, if you are fond of video editing, want to edit a professional video. In this app, we get the option of editing very amazing effects, With the help of which you can create the effect of your choice.



New Stylish Lyrical Status Video Editing




Alight Motion New Camera Features

Friends alight motion’s version 4.0 has got a very amazing new features which are named camera features, To use alight motion’s camera features, click on the plus and go to the object section, 3 features are seen inside this object, but the most important camera features have been added to it, These features are the most professional features till date in alight motion’s version 4.0, With the help of this camera features, you can edit cinematic videos very easily that too in your mobile phone,




How to use this Camera Features in alight motion?


Alight Motion New Camera Features :- Friends, if you want to use this camera features, then you have to prepare any one of your projects, after that you have to click on the plus and go to the object and select the camera, After that you will get 3 sections in it camera view, focus blur and fog, you have to do this features by moving focus blur and zoom in zoom out, With these 3 features, we will have to edit the cinematic video guys and the keyframe will also be visible in the left, you just have to use the key and do all the three features, With the help of Keyframe, you have to tell where you want to zoom in and from where you want to zoom out or where to keep focus or blur.




Alight Motion New Camera Features




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Alight Motion New Camera Features



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