How To Increase Blog Traffic For Your Business

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Your Business
Would you like to know how to increase blog traffic?

Moving a blog can mean big business. About 47% of consumers usually read 3-5 articles before making a purchase decision. In order to make them buy, you need to get them to visit your site first.

Keep reading to learn how to get more traffic to your blog.



Use Analytics & Webmaster Tools

If you want to know how to increase blog traffic, you need to know your base or starting point.

The only way to do that is with data.

If you do not already have Google Analytics or Google search console, the first thing to do is.

You should also connect to Bing Webmaster Tools.

These tools will provide you with information on how much traffic you receive and where it comes from. You will also see how much time people spend reading your blog posts.



Know Your Audience

One way to get more traffic to your blog is to research topics that your audience is interested in. You can do that by researching questions posted on Reddit and Quora for ideas.

For example, if your blog is about personal development, you may find that the common theme is that people are looking for more productive ways.

You can then write content-based content ideas. You can also take that step further and find the content and ideas of the keyword in this keyword research tool.

You can also check out Buzzsumo to see the most popular article titles to see what people are sharing.

This will help you find ideas for content your readers like and make it SEO friendly and shared.



Write Guest Posts

Have you encountered sites in your study that received guest posts?

Maybe you saw a site that shared the same targeted audience as yours, or there was a thought leader site in your industry that received the post.

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This is a great opportunity to expose your work to more people and get valuable backlinks to your site. If you get the chance to write the right website, you can even get paid to write a blog.

Just make sure that the sites are more popular than yours. Otherwise, you will not get traffic or backlink benefits.


How To Increase Blog Traffic For Your Business



Expand Your Audience

Another way to increase blog traffic is to increase the number of your visitors. You can do this by customizing your blog to an international audience.

Suppose you have a blog post on how to increase blog traffic in English. You have learned enough Italian to translate that “into scrivere un blog di successo.”


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You have just opened a new audience door and the opportunity to get more blog traffic.

Don’t worry if you feel frustrated at the thought of translating your entire site.

The good thing about WordPress is that there is a plugin for everything, the translation is included.



Create a Positive User Feeling

As a blogger, you have to create the best user experience. That means having a site that is easy to download, easy to use and readable on all multiple devices.

This point is often overlooked by bloggers, but they are unaware that their site can cost them traffic.

People want and expect fast websites. Up to 40% of people will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to upload. To make matters worse, if you register an e-commerce site, 79% of consumers will never come back if they think your website is slowing down.

The first thing you should do is check the speed of your site. There are a few tools you can use to do just that, from Google’s Page Speed ​​Insights and Pingdom.

Both tools will tell you if your site is slow and what you can do to improve it. Sometimes, it can be as simple as compressing an image. At times, you may need to adjust your code.



Use Photos in Your Post

Would you like to know how to increase blog traffic visually?

Using images is also a part of the user experience. When you use images, you increase the likelihood that the article will be shared.

The images used should be relevant to the content and add to the title, not removing from it. Infographics is a great tool that you can use if your content has a lot of data.


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People love to learn math, but they often process it by looking at it. That is why infographics are so powerful. Students can quickly view a picture, process it, determine if it is attractive, and share it.

That, in turn, will create more traffic to your blog.



Use Content and Marketing Links

Another easy way to increase traffic to your blog is to list it with content links.

These are tools that other people who want good content can share and use to edit articles that will be posted. Sites like Alltop, Feedly, and RightRelevance are not popular content links.



Social Media & Email Marketing

The Social Media Examiner found that 81% of advertisers who use social media for just 6 hours a week found that website traffic was increasing.

That’s about an hour a day to increase traffic to your blog.

One thing to note here is that you should not be on every social media platform. You just need to be in the networks used by your audience.

If you have an email list, you also want to stay in touch with them throughout the customer journey. Most people who visit your website will not be ready to buy.

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You can stay relevant in mind by blogging and sending your list via email. This gives them reason to visit your website more often.

By marketing through email, you increase traffic, and increase your prospects, increasing your chances of buying.



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How to Increase Blog Traffic Increase

Finding more readers on the blog is a constant challenge for many bloggers.

However, it should not be as difficult and time consuming as writing content itself. As long as you focus on the student you will get more traffic faster.

Make sure your website is fast and easy to use, and write high quality content that your readers will love and are willing to share.

In this way you increase traffic to your blog.

Want to know some top content tips? Read these articles about content strategies.

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